Sketchup Make 2015 Download Question

30 days ago I downloaded Sketchup Make 2015-en-x64 from the Sketchup web site older versions. Today I open Sketchup and am told my trial version 2015 Pro has expired. I checked again before coming here. I see that both Pro and Free 2015 have the same version numbers: 2015-3-331-70959 for the 64 bit and Makeup2015-3-330-70959-en-x86 for the 32 bit.
My question: Which of these are for the Free version of 2015?

I don’t think you need to install a different one, as far as I know when the trial period expires you can keep using it but only SketchUp Make (the free one) features will be available.

Anyway … here are the links of the 2015 free version.

But I think the 30 first days you should be able to use PRO features if you didn’t before and then it will start to work as free.

If SketchUp 2015 won’t work for you now, you didn’t download SketchUp 2015 Make. If you had, it would have reverted from Pro to Make at the end of the trial period. The pro version would cease to work without a license.

Thank you both for the replys. What threw me off was the Sketchup 2015 Make window would open on the desktop. Then I saw the “I agree” button*. Did not know what it would activate. Everything is now proper.
Thanks to both of you.

And do you know on what you have agreed?