Free Sketchup 2015 not available after trial


I need to use the 2015 version as there’s a plugin i need that doesnt work with the 2016 version. However, it won’t let me use the free Sketchup make version after i’m done with the pro trial for some reason. My friend who installed the exact same thing can use the free version after his trial yet i cant for some reason? Help.


Did you download the “Pro” version and the pro trial?
You need to download the “Make” version, work through the Pro Trial that comes with the Make version and then it reverts to the free make version.


I downloaded the pro version. As you can see, I can’t do anything after the trial is done. No make version to be found, and it won’t let me do anything, basically.


What plugin is it that you have an issue with?


The plugin isn’t the issue. It’s specifically not made for the 2016 version, and that is made clear. It’s Fluid Obj Importer.


I just installed Fluidimporter in SU2016 and it functions perfectly.


No way. I’ve even tried that myself and it flat out does not work. Even if it might appear to be in the extensions doesn’t mean it works.


This would suggest it does work to me.


??? alright i’ll try it, but i doubt i’ll have the same amount of luck that you did


This is a correct behaviour of the Pro version. After trial finishes you need to enter the license. If you want to use free version - download SketchUp Make. For first 30 days (if it is the first tine you install SketchUp) it will work in a Pro Trial mode and then Pro functions will be disabled and you could use it as a free Make. (if you are OK with license terms)


i know, i want to download Sketchup make 2015, not the 2016 version, but i cant find the 2015 free version ANYWHERE


Perhaps doing a simple search here would have helped. I got this when I did a search.


Don’t you think I would’ve done a search before I asked? -.-


I’d have thought so but I turned up the result with no problem. Since you said you couldn’t find it “ANYWHERE”, I came to the conclusion you hadn’t searched here. The post I linked to is less than two weeks old.


Check again, as there are valid links in the post of sketch3d_de in that topic (that DaveR wrote about).



hit #2