Pro 2016 downloaded as a trial version

Pro 2016 downloaded as a trial version
Hi guys. I need a simple 2D drawing program. I was using Sketchup 2014. It just prompted me to download the free Sketchup Pro 2016 version. From what I could read it was a free download with no strings. However on installing it and opening it I see it is has 30 day trial period. Is there a code I need to put in somewhere?
I am an occasional drawer.

It depends on what you downloaded. If you download SketchUp 2016 Make, it starts out with a 30 day trial period as the pro version and then revert to the free Make version after that unless you decide to buy a pro license and enter it. If you downloaded the Pro version and don’t enter a license by the end of the trial period, it’ll stop working. You should have been presented with an option to select how you’ll use SketchUp before downloading. If you chose personal use, you should have gotten the Make version.

I appreciate your reply Dave. I occasionally draw line sketches to show where my water pipes and underground electrical and sewer lines are around my house so that I have a reasonable record of where things are when they get changed. Also some electrical wiring sketches for some of the switching around the house.
Thus all I need is a simple sketching program. Can you advise which of the free Sketchup versions would suit please. The drawing tools in Word have been OK but I just wanted to get something a bit more elaborate.
The Pro 2016 version seems to have a heavy learning curve and involves features that I would not use. Plus it seems to be orientated around 3D. I do not need that.
I tried going through the product options on the site but I was not sure which one would be the most suitable.
I have Win 7 and will soon upgrade to 10 and I am on 64 bit.
I appreciate your advice on this

There’s only one free version: SketchUp MAKE.

The learning curve isn’t different for the MAKE version.

SketchUp is a 3D drawing program, if you open its homepage, it says “The easiest way to draw in 3D” (but you can use it to draw in one plane to “simulate” 2D, other users will disagree and recommend the use of other software at this point)

Cotty has answered as I would have.

You can make your wiring and plumbing diagrams 2D using SketchUp but you also might find there’s value in making 3D drawings of those things since they must surely be 3D in reality. And you may discover there are other things you’d like to draw other things once you get going.

As far as the learning curve goes, I don’t really think you’ll find SketchUp and harder to learn than other drawing programs and it’s actually easier than many of them.

Thanks Dave and Cotty for helpful replies. I uninstalled Pro and installed Make. I will have no difficulty working it out and the help/forum is very good.
All the best guys