Anyone got a trial key for SketchUp Pro 2016?

Because I didn’t get a 30 day trial on this for some reason and wants me to enter a valid key to continue which I don’t have.

I can’t contact support as they want a license check which I can’t do since I don’t have one and answer assistant doesnt have a question that answers my question…so all that’s left is the community help option.

There is no trial key for SketchUp 2016 or any other version. A license key would be needed to activate the Pro version. At this point in time you can’t buy a license for SketchUp 2016, anyway. Where did you get SketchUp 2016 in the first place and why are you even trying to use it? Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2021.

Got it from here: SketchUp Pro – Download-Center which was referenced from here: SketchUp Make 2016 : Download Links - #17 by anondude808 since I was looking for the 2016 version since that’s the last version to have a 32-bit version. The 2021 version is only 64-bit and the plugins I need to use does not work on a 64-bit version and it even specifies “ONLY WORKS ON 32-BIT VERSION” or something along those lines. So yeah, that’s why I’m looking at the 2016 version which happens to be the last 32-bit version of SketchUp.

I don’t know why my profile says I am using 2021, must have been when I was trying out the free web version which is probably based on the 2021 version. Or it must have recorded my recent activities on the 2021 whereby I tried installing the plugins but they of course don’t work…

That site seems to show only SketchUp Pro links. Again, at this point in time you wouldn’t be able to buy a license for SU2016.

What extension is it that you are using that only works in 32-bit versions of SketchUp?

As for your profile, it’s information you added. Those fields aren’t completed based on your recent activities.

I suspect if you downloaded the correct version you are missing the point that it gives you the option to add a license or simply accept the terms of use and continue to use the Make Version non commercially and without the Pro features.

SP Gears from here: Introducing a plugin of a new version of SPGear and SketchyPhysics from here: SketchyPhysics

Oh, they don’t track what version you’re using in real time? Huh. Well I put 16 and 21 since that’s the only ones I’ve used but was only fiddling with 21 trying to get the plugins installed but didn’t work and 16 was to get plugins work but it requires the license key to continue using as the trial didn’t activate…

There is no option to downgrade to make version. Either add license or quit.

Is it quit or Accept?

It’s “Exit” if you want to be pedantic about it.

I’m sorry if you think I’m being pedantic. There is a difference but I’ll leave you with it.

What’s the difference between quit and exit besides spelling and letters?

I didn’t ask if it was quit or exit, I asked if it was quit or Accept. If you had downloaded a Make version rather than a Pro version it would have asked you to Add The License or ‘Accept’ the terms and conditions.
Looks like you downloaded a Pro version.

Try this:

(Edit it seems to be removed from trimble server now… :frowning: )

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Oh, my bad I thought you were having a go at me for not using the exact wording that you’ve seen, should have been. Like saying “exit” instead of “quit”. :sweat_smile:

As for downloading Make and Pro, the Make version is 404 and the download site I got Pro from only has Pro, no Make version.

Yeah, obviously which is why I got the download from that german site…

SP Gears works just fine in SketchUp 2021.

Anton is working on an update for MSPhysics. Sketchy Physics is not getting any updates.

2016 Make is no longer available. The old files hosted on the site you got 2016 Pro from are for people who already have a license for the version and need to reinstall it.

How’d you get SP Gears working in version 21? Nothing happens when I try to do it. Unless I did it wrong? Zip rb file with winrar or whatever program that can zip files up to a zip extension, then rename to rbz, then move that to the tools folder in sketchup, restart sketchup and it should work, or are those steps wrong? This is the guide I used for installing the plugins: 2 Effective Ways To Install SketchUp Plugins And Extensions | Sketchup Files - maybe it’s out of date now?

I tried MSPhysics and got errors even after installing their AMS library or whatever it is they wanted.

And why isn’t sketchy physics being updated for the 2021 version? Author dead? dead project and author has moved onto other stuff?

I just need a gear meshing simulator so I can design and plan out a custom made wooden gearbox. Most probably a linear style unless I can somehow understand the concepts of a H-shift pattern manual gearbox and plan around that or something and make one out of plywood and wooden dowels and stuff.

Ask the author. I understand it is the same person as for MSPhysics.

You don’t put anything into the Tools folder, it is reserved for Trimble stuff. You dont install RBZ files by copying them, you use the Install Extension function from the Extension Manager.

Copy the .rb file (without zip-ing) to c:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\SketchUp\Plugins\
and restart SU.