New to Sketchup - Noob annoyances

Hi Everyone. :slightly_smiling:

I’m new to Sketchup but I am finding it awesome.

I will be using this for designing hobby based stuff. The first time I downloaded Sketchup it was owned by Google. Since downloading it years later with the intention of using it to solve the issues I was having with flat 2D design I’ve noticed it doesn’t seem to be Google’s anymore.

I’ve downloaded the Make version as I imagine the pro version is extremely expensive (I won’t be making money from it). I was quite annoyed at the Pro version trail starting as default so I tried to change my calendar so it would terminate the trail but when I set my calendar back it just put me back in trial mode :confused: I don’t know what the difference is between them but ones things for certain I DID NOT WANT A TRAIL. Seems like its pushed down my throat even though it was suggested I download the free version as I am a hobbiest.

Second annoyance was looking for Sketchy Physics on the warehouse (Im assuming this is like an App store for plugins). Everywhere I look someone is using Sketchy Physics but I can’t seem to find a copy other than one I downloaded from a website which told me to put it into the non-existent Plugins folder in program files. :confused:

So far everything has gone great but these two things are driving me nuts. I can imagine that once my trail ends my model that I’ve been working on for days will suddenly stop working or have a bunch of things missing. How do you guys get around the missing pro version features and what is the equivalent to Google Sketchy Physics plugin from the Sketchup Warehouse?

Many thanks

Welcome to the forums!

As far as the differences between SketchUp make and Pro, They are quite nicely outlined here:

As for Google, SketchUp is no longer affiliated with Google. It was sold to Trimble some time ago, so I hope that answers that.

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You can’t fault them for giving you a taste of the pro features with the hope that you’ll find those features useful. They do need to sell some copies of SketchUp to pay the folks who work on it. They can’t do the work for free.

As for Sketchy Physics, It is not and never was “Google Sketchy Physics” I’m not sure how you got the idea that it was. Not all extensions that are available for SketchUp are going to be found in the extension warehouse. You should look at Sketchucations Plugin Store. Look especially at this link for info on Sketchy Physics.


One thing you must realize is that SketchyPhysics works only on 32-bit Windows installations of SketchUp.

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Thanks guys

C13229 - I read the list. Doesn’t make much sense to me a the moment but it seems that there isn’t any of the core features I’ve used so far will touch the Pro features (hopefully)

DaveR - I understand that they need to make money and that’s fine but when you are asked what you will use it for and they say “actually, you don’t need Pro” it’s kinda of annoying for them to force you into a trail.

Secondly, I don’t get a lot of any of it to be honest as I’m concentrating on leaning how to use the program and not the features of warehouse. The link you gave me takes me back to the confusion in the first place here’s a snippet from that link “Sketchyphysics is a plugin for Google SketchUp, which runs simulations based on real-world object physics… please install Sketchyphysics on your PC/Mac, and search for ‘Sketchyphysics’ on the Google 3D warehouse.” So I’m still in the same boat. Anyway, I just want to use an official Trimble plugin from the Trimble warehouse to do stuff like hinge doors.

slbaumgartner - Thanks for the heads-up, seems like a pain since I’ve already installed 64bit edition. I’m looking for an official Trimble offerings then as these sound hacky setups

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

What about the list does not make sense? Perhaps I can help you with it?

As for Sketchy Physics, to my knowledge it has never been officially affiliated with SketchUp. Most extensions are produced by third parties. If you have questions about this or other extensions, ask away, and we will try to help you.

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Thanks C13229

I’m not worrying about the feature list. I don’t think it will effect me when I end the trial but I am really needing a way to hinge an object and don’t know what kind of plugin I need to do that. Any suggestions?


From the sound of your posts, dynamic components might be your best bet. Have you used any dynamic components before? If not, you should check out a few as examples on the 3D warehouse. I personally don’t have a lot of experience making them myself, but I have seen some people work some real magic with them.

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Look at the dates of what you were reading. It was all old. There is newer information there.

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As far as I know, no one has updated Sketchy Physics in quite a while. Some people have used MS Physics, as a replacement, though.

Check it out here:

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Thanks, I’m trying to download it now.

Does it normally just sit there with a white box after clicking download? It’s been like that for about 15 minutes now.

It’s still the same. Do I get something that works if I pay for it?

So how do I download this Dynamic Components if I get a blank box (over 40 minutes waiting), the website for reports “Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 35 of 41 bytes in variable_initialize() (line 936 of /mnt/www/html/sketchupewh/docroot/includes/” error and goes to the same white box.

This seems like a crazy way of getting you to buy it!

Ah wait, it came on. I hope I don’t need to use this too often. 50 minutes to install a plugin is silly!

That is not normal behavior.

Try going to in your standard browser. If you can get there that way, it is likely that your Internet Explorer is out of date.

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I was using FireFox and directly through the Sketchup application. I’m still seeing the page error every so often but at least I’m not being stopped at a blank screen.

Unfortunately that Dynamic Components doesn’t allow me to create anything new. I have two primitives I just want to be able to put a hinge on and have an open and close gesture. I honestly don’t know what to call this so searching plugins is a nightmare.

Anyone got any other suggestions on plugins?

I think that the recommendation was using Dynamic components to create a hinge. It is not a “point and click” kind of suggestion. It would mean learning to create dynamic components (something that you CAN do, but it will take some commitment).

Check out the Help Center articles for more info:

If you are opening Extension Warehouse through SketchUp, you are using Internet Explorer (SketchUp always uses IE or Safari, regardless of your default browser). Try it in just firefox, manually, it should run well.

Oh wow - didn’t know that. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll bare that in mind in future. Strange that they don’t opt for Edge since its the new Windows 10 fad and has improved security.

I was after a point and click type of thing. I even tried animation/key framing but that just seemed to change the camera angles rather than the group object I was rotating. May be worth looking at though so I’ll go deep into the heart of the beast and get muddy in the sludge of node editing and coding lol

Thanks for your help

AWESOME! Got as far as the first sentence when it reads “You do need a SketchUp Pro license”

FFS! A hinge, I’m starting to wonder if I just get the Blender book out. OMG!

I’m soooo frustrated and slowly becoming unhinged! lol