Help Please! <RANT>

I just bought a computer and I am trying to use SketchUp to draw my dream house. I don’t understand what ‘download’ means and I don’t have time to watch any tutorials or read any training materials. I need to submit my plans by next week and I keep reading about ‘plugins’ - but every time I unplug and plug in the computer it restarts and I have to start all over again. Please someone help! This is the worst software I’ve ever used! It doesn’t use 80 cores and is so slow (but I am not a tech guy and heard that from my friend). Anyway I might just try and use blunder I heard it’s free.


Absolutely, I got the ultra pro free version from me mate (you wouldn’t know him he goes to a different school) and it’s rubbish. I’ve made 20 models of my favourite cars today and uploaded them to the crappy warehouse and nobody’s has liked them, I think it’s broken.

I made this in Blender, why does anyone use SketchUgh


Way to much edges to pass 50000 edges filtre in 3D-where-house.
Less is better. Someone said fewer than 1000.
I make a car with few edges and faces. So then I went to 'Entitie-Info. A care needs 4 wheels, right! So I changes the sides to 4 and now my wheels are square. How can I fix this?


See my attached file.


Wait, I am not using Google SketchUp I’m using Trimble SketchUp!!! Is that why my file is not uploading for you? Please help.

My boss has told me to build this: ‘attachment not found’ and I’ve never used Google Sketch before.
Can you tell me how to do it.

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Is anyone there?


This is rubbish support, I’ve now posted 3 times and you’re not helping me


Hi, I hope this message finds you well. I’m a very experienced user of blunder and Google Sketch software and my client wants to design their house like the attached picture. They sent me a floor plan in Google Sketch so I want to use it to make their plans. I am using macOS on a Lenovo laptop and I have a really comfortable gaming chair.

Can you help me model this? Also why doesn’t Diffusion give me accurate rendering color? I tried VRay but everything came out black.

Thank you for your consideration and help,


Ok I fixed them. Now how can I use them in Layout? I don’t have time to learn it, you know!


Please remember this is a user forum and @DaveR is probably still sleeping. He will fix your model and do your homework for you when he wakes up.


If you have a couple of hours/days/weeks/months maybe years to listen and learn i could teach you everything you need to know about sketchup. But it seems you dont have the patience for this so i am wondering if it would be wise for you to use sketchup and would be better of using paint and render it with blender?


looks like the pressure has accumulated around here lately…

lots of things on the stomach don’t we ? :slight_smile:


yes, plenty users online :wink:

if you post 3 times within a minute, i can understand your frustration :wink:

Boy everyone around here is so thin skinned. All I did was ask a question and now you are deleting all your replies. No one in the AutoCAD forums was ever mean to me like this!!! I can’t believe this place.


@bmike, <RANT thanks for this “blowing off steam” rant thread RANT>
<RANT to see allthe frustrations flying around
<RANT rant<

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somehow wondering if these are real or synical questions since you are using the internet already and are considered a ‘learned one’ :wink: but here me goes…

download: to copy or move programs or information into a computer’s memory, especially from the internet or a larger computer.

in other words, you obtain a file from the internet and save it to you computer for further usage. so you can ‘download’ models from the 3dwarehouse to edit or use in your own model. you can ‘download’ sketchup to install onto you pc. you can ‘download’ sketchup lessons so you can read them without need of the inernet. etc.

So this does NOT mean you need to ‘down’ a ‘load’ or something like that :wink:

plugin: A plug-in, which can also be called an add-on or an extension, is third-party software that adds new functions to a host program on a computer, without altering the host program.

in sketchup they renamed it to ‘extentions’ and you can ‘download’ them from the extention warehouse from within sketchup or other webistes. some are free to use where other extention are payed versions. they could help you modelling by automate sertain workflows. for example, you could build up your walls manually or use an extention where you only need to set a beginning and end point and the extention (once set as desired) will put down walls with an inner and outerlayer and insulation in between. etc.

So it does NOT mean you need to unplug and replug you pc or something like that :wink:

sketchup takes a bit of an effort to learn, but once you get the hang of it you may be pleasant surprised of the possibilities.

even is blender looks better for rendering, the learning curve to be able to use blender as it should be, is way more time consuming and difficult the sketchup for sure.

its like comparing AutoCAD with paint, paint you can learn in a day where you may need days/weeks/months/years to learn AutoCAD (depending on the end results you want)

hope you find your way using sketchup and its potentials!


Umm, this entire thread is a rant against some of the dumb questions asked here, all of us who’ve posted in this thread are experienced SU users (me since 2004) and are simply parroting/mimicking the annoying sh1t a lot of ‘users’ post.

Either our ‘humor’ has sorta missed you or your reply is the most Meta thing here


It’s called irony, or sarcasm, it depends if you are at the sending or receiving end !
Perhaps lost on some non-native EN speakers ?