Thank you, SketchUp!

After all, there are regularly new threads here where users express their dissatisfaction with all sorts of aspects of SketchUp. Negative opinions, as in real life, unfortunately always get too much attention and you get the impression that many are just waiting to finally be able to contribute something negative. I am sure that there are many more satisfied and grateful users like me, who just don’t feel the need to express the self-evident positive opinion to the same extent. We need more people who appreciate what they have and want to achieve the maximum with it than those who always want to see and have only what is not available!
Recently, I have noticed this more and more clearly in the news regarding the Corona deniers, that although they represent a small minority, they are always in focus and get far too much attention, which makes me sad and angry.
Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great software SketchUp, which releases so much creative energy! I really enjoy working with it every time, even if it’s just my hobby!
Maybe someone else has something positive to contribute!?


I do mostly agree to the sentiment expressed here. Whatever one may think about the issues the rants are about, SketchUp remains by far the most fun to use 3D modelling application, and perhaps the only one that can, as the name suggests, be used to sketch, doodle and explore ideas.


I agree. Sketchup could always get better, but it is great the way it is. It is simple to learn, it is precise, and almost feels like drawing with my hand (but I can actually make straight lines :wink:). thank you Sketchup team.


sketch up is simply put “fun” . Dont have many hobbies but this one is the best.


SketchUp has helped make my work possible and more enjoyable as well. Just tonight our traditional last work day of the year (not the real one), my colleague and I reviewed a rendering I did of a SketchUp model. Everyone in the team likes it and though a lot of it is conceptual, that’s exactly how they want it built. The picture tells the story (so be careful what you depict).

Thank you to the Trimble team, plugin developers, and all who contribute here and other ways to make SketchUp better, and help people use it. Happy Holidays!


Got to agree with the sentiments here - Sketchup has be a big part of my professional career and allowed me to venture far further than I could have anticipated

Wishing all the Sketchup Team and contributors here a Merry Xmas and great 2022


I agree as well. My projects are probably not as complex as some - but I find SketchUp handles my Point Cloud surveys perfectly well and allows me to produce very accurate models on as built structures - then produce very clear and proffesional drawings via Layout. I tried Auto Cad & Revit before settling on SketchUp and I am really pleased with the software. Merry Christmas and new year to all of you who contribute to this great forum - especially @DaveR who has helped me tons this year.


If SketchUp wouldn’t be useful or good, people wouldn’t be here complaining on what it lacks for them.

People are here to either learn or complain.

There is little point in praising as praising means using the software and paying for it and, eventually recommend it to other people.

Sometimes a really nice feature pops up and praising makes sense as you longed for it. Apart from that, being here is appraisal enough. Why would you be here if not for using SketchUp and caring for it?

So, let the complaints continue, let there be SketchUp and Layout bashing.

The only rule should be being polite when doing it… And that is the rule that fails a lot.


Great initiative, Cotty!

There is a lot about Sketchup to be praised. So let us talk about what we miss in it but mainly let’s acknowledge how great a software Sketchup is.

I have been using it for everything related to design for 15+ years. Besides being useful and capable of doing all I need Sketchup is fun to use.

Merry Christmas to all and a much better New Year than this one.



I guess feeling thankful is more for myself than others… so every year about this time I send “cookies” (donations) to some of my favorite plugin developers.


Thank you for reminding me to share our positive sentiments!

In that spirit, I’d like to share my earlier work using Sketchup and LayOut (and Skalp). :slight_smile:

…and of course the final result, which is the important thing:


SketchUp isn’t the first 3D modeling software I tried and certainly not the last. It’s the first one I loved at first sight. I was making Dynamic components and starting with Extension development before my 30 trial was up, even though I didn’t know any ruby prior. The ruby API in itself is what makes SketchUp great.


That’s a beautiful thought. And yes: THANK YOU SKETCHUP! I’ve been using it since 2006 and we have build SO MANY beautiful things thanks to its ease of use and the way it helps us unleash (and manage) our creativity.

Most complains are basically because there is the promise of so much more on the horizon and it feels like “hey - this shouldn’t be too hard to fulfill - you are ALMOST there guys!” year after year.

Like Layout. Back in the days, there was no Layout. I remember us exporting Scene after Scene as JPGs and inserting them in presentation documents to show stuff to our customers. So Layout was a game-changer when it finally started to somewhat work after a few versions… (LOL). And we are using it constantly and it delivers and it COULD deliver so much more, so much easier with just a few tweaks so we are waiting and waiting but in the meantime we are also using the hell out of this software.

So again: THANK YOU SKETCHUP! :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:


Sketchup still is the best. As an Interior designer I use it for years, for sketching, drawing, presentations, and even for New Year wishes… this one from some years ago, but still wishing the same :wink:


Geldt nog steeds, dank voor de link.


Agreed. if SketchUp weren’t such a valuable tool, the topics of our beefs wouldn’t matter. In my case, I am addicted to the 3D mouse by 3D Connexon. Because of a compatibility issue, I had to revert back to a previous version of Sketchup to keep it working. Sadness. :frowning: Still, that is my choice because I love the combination of SketchUp + 3D Connexon 3D mouse.


That shouldn’t be an issue, they work with 2021. Perhaps you just need to reinstall or update the driver. They won’t work if you install a newer version of sketchup without installing the driver ‘after you install sketchup’.


I agree with you


:+1: thanks for this, We need more positive messages in the world.


SketchUp has allowed me to evolve my approach over years of use – starting with the entire model drawn without components/groups or very many layers, gradually getting into better organization and output. I still use AutoCAD LT on a daily basis also. With both programs, improvements have been made over the years without obliterating the old commands and routines. I worked in architectural offices from 1983 to 2016 and from 2013-16 trying to become proficient with Revit until finally throwing in the towel. I just didn’t like it! So much happier now! Revit was stifling creativity and refusing to be tamed and understood. Went for years without knowing how to show options in early phases until somebody showed me how. Toward the end I was dreading going to the office. I always look forward to SketchUp.