Kudos on my.sketchup


So far I love my.sketchup. I’ve been using the installed Sketchup over the past few years for my various at-home construction hobbies. As I’ve grown used to web apps, I increasingly don’t like being tied to a single computer. Now, I can edit my Sketchup models whenever an idea hits, so long as I have a browser and Internet connection, which is nearly always. I’ve accessed the same model in Chrome on Ubuntu, Windows, and my Chromebook. At home and at work. Though my models are simple, performance is great. No lag when loading, saving, panning, orbiting, zooming, etc. A couple missing features maybe, but 80+% usable. Awesome! Thanks.


Thanks! We’re super proud of this baby so far, but we still have a bit of work to get everything up to snuff. It is always good to hear we’ve got something folks find useful already.



Yes, I would agree, it’s very impressive. In some ways better than the desktop (like the way lines are drawn). Still some bugs but my kudos too.


I agree that my.sketchUp is becoming a high-quality modeller.
Good marketing strategy by Trimble to “get the kids into the SketchUp family” early.

It also opens up many doors for educational options for disadvantaged teens using public library computers. The Libraries here do not allow individual loading of software as SketchUp Make.

Keep up the excellent work and I look forward to further enhancements!



I like it very much, why, I’m a Linux user.


Add my kudos, as well! I just downloaded and fiddled around a bit, and I’m very impressed. I hope you continue to develop this product, as it fills a niche by working on such a wide variety of relatively lightweight platforms. My major is urban planning, so the connection to Google Earth for terrain will be a key feature. Thank you!