30 day trial ending / Time to review / Thanks to all the pros on here for helping out us rookies!

I have to say SketchUp is a extremely useful and easy program to use. Although I still have many questions and lack a lot of knowledge of the program, it beats the hell out of Fusion360 running slower than molasses. I couldn’t manage to draw a single line in f360 without it lagging for almost a minute between each task. Although I still struggle with small radius’s which has been SU biggest hangup for a beginner like myself, you have to appreciate that it is still a widely versatile all in one package that is a hobbyists dream. I’ve used it for building furniture, 3d printing, and hopefully soon I’ll be more involved in designing homes. I also wasn’t aware of how active and helpful the forum community is within sketchup. Just wrote this to say thank you to everyone who offered their support. I feel confident that this is the best platform on the market to stick with and will upgrade to the Go version after my trial ends.