Thank you, SketchUp!

Nice, precise work. Well done.


The amazingly intuitive and easy to use 3D environment is by far the best feature of SketchUp, what other software even comes close?

How many have you have actually tried using Revit? Not to say that Revit doesn’t have it’s place in the larger architectural world but compared to SketchUp it is like driving an overloaded school bus while with SketchUp I’m sitting behind the wheel of a well appointed Bugatti Veyron…

Don’t let me get started with the SketchUp API. Of course I’m a little biased now since my plugins are reliant on this amazing feature of SketchUp and they have recently become my bread and butter. It was indeed wisdom in the makers of SketchUp to include such an inspired and excellent toolset for developers like myself. I don’t even know where I would be right now if it wasn’t for the SketchUp API.

Thank-you SketchUp and the entire SketchUp community. You are what makes me get up in the morning and go to work.


I looked at some of the design software over the past years by only reading the concept and overviews from the supplier. Already this convinced me each time to stay with SketchUp.
Also, I am not fond of using for each task in designing and architecture a different tool. With SketchUp, Layout, VRay and DeLuminae (and some other plugins), I can do my tasks.
Yes, I like SketchUp a lot.

Does this mean I like everything about it? No.
There are things that drive me crazy, like when clicking on a tag and you end up in edit mode for tag name. And yes, I would want to have certain things fixed/changed asap.

Agree, there is quite some negativity in the forum on SketchUp, but maybe one can also look at it as a desperate attempt to get certain things delivered by Trimble.
If there would be no complaints, then probably there would not be a lot of progress either. In the end it is about expectation management.

I develop as well Software and systems - it is not much different here. Certain users think, if they shout louder, they get the features earlier :wink:
New people come, some people go and some stay - like me.


YEAHHH…!!! This software enables me to make a TON of MONEY! Over 100K a year for the past decade doing design & sales in custom cabinetry. Don’t find what’s wrong, find WHATS RIGHT!





I use it since 2001 !!! a wonderful piece of software.
We probably love it so much that we are disappointed by its small bugs here and there (which are normal for a soft that has become complex with the years).
It made me capable of crafting images like this one…


We’re getting off topic, but @Box is right on both counts. 3dConnexion devices are compatible with all versions of SketchUp, but you have to (re)install their extension drivers after SketchUp because their installer looks for existing versions of SketchUp and adds their extension to each it finds. The installer does not anticipate SketchUp versions that are not installed or don’t yet exist. Note: I am a frequent critic of 3DConnexion support for Mac. There have been too many severe bugs over the years and a glacial rate of development that scream loudly that they don’t care much about Mac (their driver update for Big Sur has been in public beta for 15 months!). Windows support has always been better.

Back to the main subject, I hope it goes without saying what someone like me (a SketchUp Sage) thinks of the product. I put in a lot of time here helping people because I want them to get good results from SketchUp.

Despite some warts, I find it easier and more productive to use than any other 3D design app I have ever tried. Yes, there are concepts, terminology, and workflow to learn but that’s true of any complex subject. And yes, there are limitations to what it can do. But the complaints are sometimes like “this hammer is no good: I can’t use it to drive a screw properly”.

Although I am annoyed and depressed by some of the vitriolic and outright trolling posts on the forum, I think they are the result of human nature. People who have a gripe are often more eager to express it than people who are content are to give praise. Wheels don’t get oiled unless they squeek! And some people just enjoy poking hornets’ nests. In other words, these aspects of the forum actually don’t say much about the reality of SketchUp.


Can help with a SketchUp problem really be off topic in a SketchUp forum? As a SketchUp sage, it’s certainly in your DNA and can’t be prevented, which is of course a good thing :wink:

Many thanks to all who have already underlined the good mood in this topic with a positive contribution, keep it up!


Hi Cotty, I completely agree with you. Great S/W and free for private use! Due to SketchUp I was able to design our new house without the need of an architect. Up to now all small problems with SketchUp could be solved also with the help of this great forum!



The entire SketchUp ecosystem is a credit to Trimble and all those involved.

Well done, everybody. Happy New Year.


Thank you, Medeek! The first time I showed SketchUp to a buddy who was renovating a basement last year, we used one of the Medeek wall tools! It saved him a lot of time.


I could never produce the quantity and quality of my projects with any other available software.

It has allowed me to outpace my competition with far more employees than my one man show. I’m converting some of them, so that could very well change…hopefully right in time for my retirement!

Thank you SketchUp Team!


Hey guys! I just wanted to hop in here and say, “Thank you!” for the Thank yous!

I fell so lucky every day that I get to come to work and make content and share with the amazing community that surrounds SketchUp. You all deserve a “thank you” as well! Thank you all for being incredible members of this forum and this user community! You all rock!



How cliche, but still meant 100%: best wishes to all out here!

How true @Cotty, thank you for starting this thread.
SketchUp feels like clay, allowing to knead your model with new edges (and faces that SketchUp then creates for you). Push/pull! And look at all the inferencing options there are built in.
Easy to learn.
There’s hardly anything that you can’t model, considering what the program was/is designed for. Even with only its native tools.
(And so many excellent extentions to choose from if that isn’t enough, I know)
So thank you SketchUp, its developers and the entire SketchUp team !

What comes to mind first: “you lucky b…” (ouch! … stopped there just in time).
Yes, being happy with the work you do is among the most important things in life, “among”.

(Health comes first, :wink: )


Stunning! :star_struck:

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I’m glad you’re having fun with your little hobby. I for one need the software to work as promised to feed my family, I show my positive reinforcement by handing over cash since it’s first iteration. When it fails to deliver it potentially can result in me not being able to deliver on a promise, which can mean losing a client or a tender, so naturally the reaction will be more . . . heartfelt. Not sure what the slip about corona is about???

There it is, the first negative reply. I would have bet that it wouldn’t take 35 replies to get there. If you didn’t begrudge me my hobby, you could have picked one of the dozens of negative topics and replied there, right? Most of the people who responded here before use SketchUp professionally, so I don’t see what your sarcastic remark lost here? Why can’t you resist such a response in this friendly environment?
I would be happy if you don’t reply to my comment and we could leave it at the one (well unfortunately already two, counting mine, but is also my last, I promise) post with negative sentiment in this topic …


The mention of Corona was to illustrate that a few people who claim there is no pandemic will get more press than all of the rest of the population who are willing to believe that it does exist.

But speaking of Covid, we all have been working from home since March 2020, and it’s pretty amazing how well we have coped. It does mean quite a lot of Google Meet sessions, and I’m starting to wonder how in person meetings will go, if/when we are back at the office! We all will be tapping the desk, thinking that it will mute us or stop people from seeing us walk away for a moment.

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Yes a word of thanks should be added for the Trimble team who have actually worked to make real enhancements since the price increase.

In the past and with other products we have got used to paying more simply because we have become locked into a workflow; and a perfunctory attitude toward development meant minimal improvements.

This is definitely not the case with Trimble, and the doubts I had have been totally dissolved by the genuine thought that is going into resolving even small functional issues.


By sheer coincidence I was thinking the same the other day when I visited the forum, it’s too easy to not occasionally step back and appreciate SU. Though recent advancements are few and far between, at least it’s still supported and I’m able to continue earning money from using it.

The plugins dev’s should get some gratitude also, though I don’t use many, more often than not there’s a solution to a problem that someone else has solved.

I think SU 8 was the first time I tried it, then I bought it around 2012 for commercial use and it paid for itself many times over, even though it’s used around 10-20% of the time.


I guess it’s time to say: Thank you to the SketchUp team for all those years I got to use this beautyfull programm! And for keeping it free for us hobby users. I use it for woodworking projects, 3D printing and for visualising ideas. And occasionally helping out friends.
I also want to thank all extension developers for their time and hard work that goes into all those very helpfull extensions of which I use quite a few!
Last but not least I want to thank everyone that contributes to this forum, ecspecially the Sages who spend a lot of precious personal time helping all those SketchUp users (new and experienced) with their troubles. I try to help out as much as I can to repay the help I get from others.

Again, thank you all!!