Thank you, SketchUp!

By sheer coincidence I was thinking the same the other day when I visited the forum, it’s too easy to not occasionally step back and appreciate SU. Though recent advancements are few and far between, at least it’s still supported and I’m able to continue earning money from using it.

The plugins dev’s should get some gratitude also, though I don’t use many, more often than not there’s a solution to a problem that someone else has solved.

I think SU 8 was the first time I tried it, then I bought it around 2012 for commercial use and it paid for itself many times over, even though it’s used around 10-20% of the time.


I guess it’s time to say: Thank you to the SketchUp team for all those years I got to use this beautyfull programm! And for keeping it free for us hobby users. I use it for woodworking projects, 3D printing and for visualising ideas. And occasionally helping out friends.
I also want to thank all extension developers for their time and hard work that goes into all those very helpfull extensions of which I use quite a few!
Last but not least I want to thank everyone that contributes to this forum, ecspecially the Sages who spend a lot of precious personal time helping all those SketchUp users (new and experienced) with their troubles. I try to help out as much as I can to repay the help I get from others.

Again, thank you all!!