Thank you, SketchUp!

I agree. There will always be problems with software that needs attention. It may affect everyone or some. That’s the nature of software. I use Sketchup a good bit and sometimes run into little problems that are annoying but I still think SU is a great piece of software, for me personally and how I use it. I appreciate SU and what it does. Everyone has their own reasons.

Have a good day today.


For the little story that led me to use SketchUp:

In 2006, I was an Autocad apprentice and it was the first time I heard of SketchUp. In my head, it was a children’s program or an improved Paint.

I almost bought it in 2015 because I wanted something 3D for hobby. I tried a little but at that time I was not motivated because I had trouble making simple shapes. I dropped…

In 2020, I wanted to try Revit (in the end I couldn’t use it). In my company, we work (still today) in 2D. After discussion with my boss, he agreed to pay for the license.

2 years later, I love using it in combination with my “official” office program.

The reasons for choosing “SketchUp”:

  • Not too expensive (easier to get it as a 2nd program)
  • Intuitive
  • Flexibility of use (which allowed me to cobble together a workflow compatible with my other drawing program)

… without forgetting the many tutorials on youtube, this forum with passionate people who give their all to help each other and the combo Trimble developers + Extensions developers.

Thank you. Really.

You allowed me to do 3D !!! :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: