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Dear SketchUp Community,

In this difficult time, we wanted to create a safe space for SketchUppers who have 3D modeling skills to match up with SketchUppers who have 3D modeling needs.

Please use this thread to do ONLY one of two things:

  1. Advertise the SketchUp related skills that you have to offer.
  2. Post needs that you have that a SketchUp expert could help fulfill.

Please don’t post personal contact information - users should contact each other directly through forum messages.

We hope our community can support each other in this unprecedented time.

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One on One or small team training via video and screen share. I have a long history of working with folks in the US and Canada at workshops, private company training sessions, and even a Basecamp appearance. Since moving to Switzerland I’ve been offering training via Zoom software.

Rates dependent on what you need - everything from modeling basics to integrating SketchUp and Layout to create production or construction drawings. I tailor hour long sessions so you can expand your skills or solve problems.

I primarily work in timber frame construction and architecture - but have also been called to do product design, furniture, and schematic architectural presentations.

Also available for SKP and LO work - depending on the scope / job. Currently have a mixed schedule of training and commissioned work. Happy to help others who need a hand getting modelling or documentation done.



Don’t post your email address. People can contact you through the forum (top right / message).
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Will to pay for help if interested

Hi everyone!

I seldom post here in the forum, but I am always lurking around for opportunities here. Here goes my pitch!

My name is Shukry. I am a practising Junior architect cum 3D visualizer. As for now, you can call me a digital nomad(although I am not moving around frequently), as I am currently working remotely from my home country, Malaysia.

Graduated from a local university, collaborating with Curtin University in Perth with Bachelors in Architectural Science (Applied Science). Used to worked with local architectural firms, but life finds a way for me to dedicate myself into SketchUp and global market opportunities

Most of my clients are from different regions around the world, ranging from Australia, UK and the United States. Most of my clients I have been working with are remote freelancing jobs.

My History with Sketchup

Sketchup and I have gone a long way. Even before I entered college.

I’ve worked with Sketchup for almost 9 years and still continuing exploring the software. I have done almost a hundred models, completed and uncompleted ones in Sketchup. The experience I’ve collected with this software has made me capable of fast modelling and rapid plugin environment, saving you much time for your projects.

I have done several residential and a few commercial projects within my architectural firm and other remote work as well. You can check them out via my portfolio link below.

Google Drive Portfolio - Shukry Sharby Architectural Portfolio 2018

Some of my other projects I’m working at the moment on the side:

  1. https://real-viz.com/ (Architectural, Real Estate and Interior Design Realistic Renderings)
  2. https://goo.gl/9l2w7B (Youtube Channel)

What I’m looking for

I am currently in search of projects that requires SketchUp drafting, going to more architectural sides of things. It would be even better if there are retainer or ongoing projects, so that I can keep my focus on that, honing my architectural design skills.

Alternatively, if you have other projects that you would love to collaborate with me, also let me know! I have 3 years of experience collaborating with strangers online, asking for Sketchup help (Glad that work well!)

Reach/Connect with Me!

Let me know if anyone have further inquiries

I am available both via Skype and Google Hangouts!

Check out my Behance Portfolio : https://www.behance.net/shukrysharby
My Linkedin Profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/shukry-sharby-4b2a6187/
(Shameless Plug) I did a youtube channel teaching sketchup : https://goo.gl/9l2w7B

Please Private Message me if you need my email! I want to avoid spam as much as I ca

Hey shukrysharby91, send me a message. I may have a freelance opportunity for you.

I am an Architect in Brisbane, Australia. I am looking for someone to help out with SketchUp modeling. We do residential renovations and new builds for Brisbane based clients. See examples image.

Ideal person:

  • Good at SketchUp
    • Fast and Efficient modeling
    • Good at Clean modeling
    • Can adhere to our modeling standards (layers, groups, components)
  • Experience in
    • Residential single dwelling projects
    • Metric projects (essential)
  • Paid work for someone setup as a Freelancer
  • Work done inside or outside typical business hours up to freelancer
  • Ideally Based in Australia (not essential)
  • Needs to have general understanding of typical Australian building material and construction methods.
  • Ideally Experience in AutoCAD; reviewing dwgs of architectural drawings and creating 3D models.
  • Online Collaborating experience
    • Dropbox
    • Screen share (eg. zoom, join.me

Private message me if you got the the skills above,

  • Matt
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Hi Matt_AU,
I am an Architect and am interested in helping with the work. Seen the PDF. Understood the work.
Will be happy to be of assistance.

Hi Matt, I’ve private messaged you

How about sketchup pro extension development? It is sketchup related and I do that on a daily base, having helped companies worldwide to automate specific workflows.
One of the greatest realizations I made I believe is: https://www.flexpipeinc.com/ca_en/creator/ but I have created a dozen more of equal complexity in the last decade…

A saying goes that the greatest things are being created in difficult times. Maybe, now time is difficult, it is time to realize that extension you had in mind for a long time…


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I’m an Architectural and 3D Visualizer based in Los Angeles with over 8 years experience using sketchup and Rendering programs. Please let me know if you need any 3D assistance.

Thank you!

Hello Mat,

I’m interested and would like to assist.

I create SketchUp models of furniture. I have more than 600 models on the 3D Warehouse, which you can view here: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/by/DavidHeim. Most of these models are fully detailed, with all joinery.
I can create detailed plans, working from photographs or rough sketches–all you need to go to the shop and build for real, or all you need to impress a client.

I also regularly teach courses in using SketchUp, at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking, the Austin School of Furniture and Design, and the Brookfield Craft Center. My book, “SketchUp Success for Woodworkers,” has been a top seller for the past two years. I’m open for one-on-one instruction or teaching to small groups, using the Zoom videoconferencing app.


I am a retired home builder/remodeler. I have been using SketchUp/LayOut for over 10 years. I have utilized it to help my clients in visualizing their options, specify details to my sub-contractors and for construction documents. I am transitioning my attention from active hands-on building to assisting clients, architects and contractors who need 3D drafting skills. I’m interested in helping others in the construction world with my skills on a contract or hourly basis. Recently, I have been producing Sketchup files remotely using an architect client’s AutoCad drawings. He then uses these SketchUp files to present exterior finish options, solar studies and renderings to his clients that I have placed in scenes. Currently, I utilize TwinMotion for my renders.

Hi :wave:t5:. I’m interested in getting into extension creation. Do you tutor?


It has crossed my mind a couple of times to start a series of tutorials on extension development. But, I have never actually created a tutorial before myself, and, tutoring is I believe some kind of art on its own.

But, well, why not.
Is there something you want to achieve? It makes learning something new so much easier if there is a goal.

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Having a granny house built and wonder if anybody could quote me to create in Sketchup 2018.


Want to play myself but always easier to change what somebody else has done than create from scratch myself.


Hi Matt-I’m also interested! See entry/post below. May not qualify as my Australian Building Code knowledge is limited-but I can learn!