Want to show off your awesome models, get free marketing, and help newbies?



Hi Pro SketchUppers!
I’m going to create a few Sketchup tutorials this summer, and for the sake of variety and interest, I’m hoping to feature a variety of awesome modeling work in the lessons. The modelers will get full written and verbal credit, as well as a featured link to their website on the tutorial page.
About me: I taught the SketchUp Essentials sessions at SketchUp’s 2016 Bootcamp and Basecamp events last summer, and have been modeling since 2009. I mostly teach SketchUp now, to customers such as the US State Dept, Disney, Atlanta’s International Airport staff, and numerous small business owners (my favorites).
My own SketchUp work is fairly simple, and is often non-disclosure work or is owned by the client. I’m not a designer, I mostly create 3D models of existing buildings for renovations or real estate marketing. Pretty utilitarian. I’m looking for a little more visual interest and variety. I’m hoping to feature interior designers, architects, hobbyists, urban planners, landscape architects, woodworkers… anything and everything. You can let me know if they would be video-only models, or if they could be made available for download for exercises.
Also, do you have an awesome tutorial? I have no problem linking to it from my course. If someone has explained things in a more effective way than I can, I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, I’ll recommend it.
Feel free to link to your models, or send me a screenshot either here or in a private message.


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