Looking for help creating some tutorial videos

Continuing the discussion from Advice for people new to SketchUp, but with lots of experience with 2d CAD:

I’m looking for a few people - preferably with video production experience - to collaborate in creating a video that illustrates the advice I’ve given (and others may give) in the above thread. I think creation of such a video would be of immense instructional value to people “coming over” to SketchUp from the 2d world.

This won’t involve compensation - it will be a labor of love aimed at contributing to the knowledge base of this forum. So: Collaborative? Yes. Commercial? No. (Unless Trimble likes what they see enough to OFFER to pay us!)


I must admit to be a tad bit disappointed that nobody has chimed in. :disappointed:

I, with my virtually non-existent video editing/producing/narrating skills, went ahead and created one:

As you can see (and hear!) it could use a fair amount of polishing, tightening, better audio - heck, better script!

I hope this prompts somebody - anybody - with more video production experience to volunteer to assist me with this project! PM me or reply here.

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