Looking for a teacher/tutor for Sketchup and v-ray

Hi There - I’m looking for someone who has skills in creating high quality architectural drawings and then rendering them using vray. I would compensate the tutor on an hourly basis and we’d use a screen sharing app as well as the phone to run the session. I’d probably want 10 hours of training done in 1 or 2 hour sessions - likely in the evening. Let me know if anyone is interested or if there is a place that offers this. I thought about joining Lynda.com as they appear to have some courses on this - other than that I’m finding it difficult to garner enough information on the web to really make headway into this…


Hi me to learner. I have learn much good way from video not with classes. I learn good skill from the video from sketchup school website. There u can watch the video and learn and Subscribe for the amount and learn. U can watch on Youtube for sample video on it with sketchupschool and website given below for more information.