SketchUp Skype tutoring available?

I am looking for someone to help make make the leap from Auto Cad to SU, specifically creating presentation and working drawings of cabinetry and interiors…
I’m looking for to have someone walk me through a couple of complete projects as part of the lessons.

Anyone know of anyone?


I do online tutoring using GoTomeeting instead of Skype.

Let me know when you’re available. I’ll reply with my personal email if this is a private message…
Also, can you tell me your approximate rates for teaching, or how you like to bill?


Your message wasn’t private but I did send you a private message.

Hi Randyl

if in case still looking for assistance let me know please DM your email and skype

Hi Randy,

I too am available to teach you how to use SketchUp and have taught been teaching how to use SketchUp for over 10 years. I sent you a private message. I look forward to hearing back from you. is another good alternative for screen sharing.

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Thanks. I’ll check it out. I have an annual subscription to GoToMeeting already active.

I am shafeeq , new to this group
I need SketchUp training through
Can you sent me your details

Can share the details
I am interested to take online course
My Gmail is:

Hi, contact me


I sent you a private message.

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