Looking for someone to teach me basic Sketchup in Chicago?

Looking for one on one training in the Chicago area

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Do you need the training to be in person? I do one on one SketchUp training via screen sharing.

I would prefer that. I’ve done a few YouTube videos and am In the process of possibly of joining a class with two others. But, really wanted one on one. I just learn better and quicker. I’ve never done “screen sharing”…

Basically with screen sharing, it’s like you’re looking over the shoulder of the other person without being in the same room.

Okay. How do you “see” over my shoulder? Like we’re Facetiming? Not really sure what this looks like, bear with me.

Check your private messages. Click on the A in the green circle in the upper right corner of the window.

Okay. I have a few questions then.
What do you charge?
How long do you recommend training be?
I have Sketchup Make installed on my Mac. Does that work for you?

How about sending me an e-mail or at least reply in a PM instead of in your thread?

Make on Mac works fine.

What’s you’re email address?

I included it in my private message to you.

I apologize. I’m on my phone and not home on my desktop. I don’t see the email address with the way the messages are formatted on my phone. Sorry…

Did you see my private message? Maybe you can send one to me with your e-mail address.


Hi Amy,

I too also do SketchUp training. However I don’t live near Chicago so it would have to be online via screen sharing. I have extensive training experience having taught it at a community college for many years. For more information about me see my web site at www.renewable-engineering.com. I specialize in solar training but I can also teach all aspects of SketchUp including basic training. From my site you can send me an email should you want more information. SketchUp is a great program and fairly easy to learn. Good luck. - Tom