Courses in SketchUp?

I guess there are no real life courses to take in SketchUp… Or clubs where SketchUp users hand and help out each other… I mean it’s just my hobby to draw houses in 3D on the computer, but I guess I can’t learn more or hand out with others with the same interest anyway. It’s not like taking a ceramics course or oil painting course… :frowning:

That’s not true. there are a variety of SketchUp courses offered and I know or a few SketchUp users groups who meet monthly or bimonthly. There are also options for online training. I’ve taught SketchUp classes in the community education program in my city and I do customized online training for SketchUp users worldwide. I’ve also done remote presentations for a couple of SketchUp users groups.

You could try starting a local users group. Maybe you’d get some more experienced users to join and you could take turns presenting.

Nice! I myself live in a city with a population of 100.000 in Sweden. Easier to find in bigger cities then I guess. But at least I can make a Swedish SketchUp Facebook group. :slight_smile:

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You might check out local community colleges and vocational training programs. In my area, 3 different community colleges teach SketchUp - two of them as part of their carpentry program and the 3rd in their art department (a jewelry design course).

100,000 population town in Sweden, must be a beautiful place to live!!

Take a ferry from Stockholm to Riga and you are more then welcome to visit our SketchUp Authorized Training center :wink:

I’m teaching courses in SketchUp Pro basics, advanced features, furniture design and visualization with V-ray.
We don’t have any user groups in Latvia, but we are making seminars, webinairs and workshops all the time.

Lovely! Is it possible to read that page in English?

In what sense…? :slight_smile:

If you are using Chrome, right-click on page to get the option to translate.

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Nothing much to read there. The only three good articles would be the plugin compilations together with the download links and videos:
Also one about our own product - Undet for SketchUp

Life in a small town is pleasant. I’ve seen many pictures and films about
Sweden, it looks like a beautiful place.