Suggestions for intermediate Sketchup training for users?

Wanted to find some sort of online training or good video training for our users. Looking for something that would be available to our design dept that would help them further their sketchup knowledge and/or help new users joining the department that have experience with sketchup and would like to get more in depth in it.

After some googling, most are offered per user or subscription. Not really looking to enroll/purchase 15 seats. Looking for more a “pluralsight” type of learning where we can administer the accounts to invite them if they need to use it. :+1:

@wlampert We created a Video Course Library for professionals that you can find on our SketchUp School website (SketchUp Video Courses for professionals | We’d be happy to talk with you about options for getting you and your company access to the courses. You can message me here or email me directly at