Anyone tried the "Focused Sketchup" online training course?

Hi, first time poster, rookie-level sketcher.

I keep seeing these ads for “Focused Sketchup” and getting super enticed at it’s advertised 7-day timeline to finish it and start making rendered finished products. It looks like it’s $600 for one course and $2000 for all of their courses.

I’m intrigued because I’m really excited about the possibilities of using it in my small construction business and really want to be self reliant with it ASAP. I’m currently in the midst of going through classes on for $100/year and completed the intro classes on sketchup academy but just trying to find the right balance of thriftiness and expedited results.

Thoughts? Anyone actually used the Focused program?

I haven’t used the services you mentioned but a good basis for comparing would be what’s available for free:

SketchUp Campus

There are a number of free instructional videos on YouTube as well.

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I cannot imagine anyone becoming proficient to “finished renderings” in 7 days. Thus I would be skeptical about their claims and products.

Sketchup campus offers “Free” courses that are good.

“TheSketchupEssentials” on Youtube offers many free Demonstrations that are good quality. He offers more formal training at reasonable costs at

Many other sketchup demonstrations are also available on Youtube.

“Mike Brightman” and “matt Donley” are two searches on Google that offer training and helpful publications.


I got the SketchUp Guru book an courses is not that expensive and good. I actually love his PDF book is only 29$

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Thanks for your responses everyone. Yeah, I’ve gone through the introductory classes on the Sketchup Campus but didn’t really like the one that was building off of the top-down floor plan (and I think it got into some add-on which my subscription didn’t include) so I started to veer off into other resources. I’m also just racking my brain for any way to get good at it ASAP because of situational pressure at work but it’s reassuring to see that overall this program takes some time to get proficient at by the sounds of these comments and other feedback I’ve received.

Great question, and I’m sure many others have it as well. I created the FOCUSED SketchUp program as an efficient way to learn SketchUp and V-Ray in a very structured, focused approach for interior design. My courses all implement my FOCUSED Method™ of learning, which gives you lifetime access to all lessons and updates, amazing support options so you don’t get stuck, and thousands of 3D object downloads to speed your modeling efficiency. Also, remember that I offer a money-back guarantee on all my courses, so if you don’t like it, you are not stuck with it. You can check out my website ( for more information about my offerings and also my Facebook page to read real reviews from students. If you have any questions, you can always contact me via email/IG/FB. Thanks!