Best Online SketchUp Courses Version 2022

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a useful online course that covers of all areas of the program?

In the past I took the one offered by Gaia college which was useful,

This course includes a student license which I don’t need because I pay for Pro already.

I have basic knowledge of how to use SketchUp; looking for a refresher. The main problem I am having with the free tutorials offered on this website as well as YouTube is that I find few that use Pro 2022. For example, I’m finding as I follow instructions what is listed under the menus has changed, Layers have become Tags etc. Having little instinct with computers this gets frustrating at times without an instructor.

I am using it for landscape design so introduction to using terrain would be helpful as well.

Thanks in advance.

You know, I would generally class your post as spam, I hope I’m proved wrong.

Interesting…and why would that be?

Well, you have joined and almost immediately posted a question that is also an answer in itself, complete with a link to the course.
Many would call it astroturfing.

No not spam. Just a genuine person asking for help. I posted the course link to share what I took before, who knows maybe someone else out there would have suggested it.

The first place to start is the Campus.

Other than that, specific questions will get you specific answers.


I have never heard of Gaia college, so I cannot recommend that. As @box recommended, Campus has Fundamentals courses as well and Landscaping courses that you can take for free. A great place to start (and maybe save your self $795!!)

As for courses in SU 2022, the version is updated every year, and there are no content creators that I know of show recreate all of their content every year. Generally, changes to UI are minor and training content made in 2019 should be pretty easy to follow in 2022.

Hi @TheOnlyAaron,

So its been about 5 years since I’ve used SU; I have done a few of the ‘basic’ tutorials on the Campus which have been helpful but as I mentioned above not all the videos are with the newest version of SU and not always tech savvy enough to figure out how to do something on the newest version.

I guess I’m old school and like a curriculum to follow with an instructor available to ask questions as I’m progressing through an assignment. I realize that this forum is useful for problem solving so will definitely ask questions if needed.

Sounds good. As I mentioned, the campus tracks can be followed along with in 2022 without issue. If you have questions, you can post them on this forum in the Campus section and the creators of the class can answer your questions (along with the support of thousands of other SketchUp enthusiasts).

If you want to find a paid course, please go for it, but make sure you do your homework and find someone who is charging a fair amount and has a proven track record.