Sketch up Course

I am looking for a good Sketch up Training Course in the North West of England close to Manchester
Thank you

Thank you Kindly

It is not wise to put your e-mail up here.
There are bots roaming the world wide web for personal information and not for friendly reasons!
People here can answer the question or easily private message you by clicking on your avatar. No need for personal information.
Please remove it from you post.
Edit: please move this question to another categorie, it is not a feature request.
Also update your profile as that helps us to help you. There is no SketchUp Free 2017. Graphics card details are also an important clue for many problems.

Thank you if you could remove the email address I would be very grateful

I am just keen to be honest to fine a good sketch up training course?

Thank you for your advice & help

Hi Louise, I cannot edit your post.
You can click on the pencil under the post to edit it yourself.
To edit your forum profile you click on the purple circle with the L in it in the right top corner, then on preferences.
It is against forum guidelines to put an automated e-mail ending (sorry for the discription, I don’t know the apropreate english word for that) at the end of your post like you did in your second post.
It clutters the forum and many times contains personal information too.
I can move your question to another categorie, will do so.

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As to courses, before paying anyone, look at the free videos and tutorials at