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Other than the video tutorials that are available on the sketchup web site, are there other sites that are known for quality training videos on the subject? One that I found is called Lynda but I don’t know anything about it. What’s the best path for training?


Great questions and YES!

These are oldies but goodies and we are slowly updating them. When we do update them we put them with the rest of our tutorial and how-to videos on our youtube here.

Also, type in your question into the help center for some awesome articles. We have an awesome Getting Start Guide here.

Thanks for being a part of the community! Feel free to browse the Forum if you have questions, as we have answered many here. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, post a thread here!

Also, if you could let us know how you plan on using SketchUp that may be useful.

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You can also look at some of the great SketchUp tutorial collections from users and 3rd party companies.

SketchUp School , Master SketchUp and Harwood - SketchUp: a 3D Toolbox


This link is for their blog Design.Click.Build. PLEASE dont let the wood working FOOL you. The one guy David Richards is a presenter at SketchUp`s 3D Base Camp. He has HUNDREDS of follow along video tutorials using all the Native Tools in Sketch Up as well as explanations of the most commonly used plug-ins. He will use native tool mainly but his concise explanations of how and why is what is assume. The explanations of each tool while you are creating with it and why. He has over 10 years experience with Sketch Up commercially and teaching. I have learned more about the functions of each tool and explained short cuts and tips in 2 months, then I did in a year STRUGGLING through You Tube. THIS IS COMPLETELY FREE and I cant stress enough. That yes you are MODELING book cases and tables, but His explanations on layers, inferencing, developing a work flow… hell he is doing things with the tape measure I would never of thought it could do. So this is a beginners GOLD MINE that he gratefully offers and if you spend 3 or 4 months with this site. It will save you years of struggle. I would not have typed this much for nothing, and to share this is a blessing. Enough said… go check it out and you will not believe what this software can do. He wants to show you what it can do!!!

What you will learn is how to properly apply and utilize each tool and build an understanding of their properties. It will remove so much of the frustration and wasted time you do back tracking. Or getting so pissed it only compounds your frustrations and mistakes. It free`s your imagination and opens doors so you can move freely. I was praying for help in learning this and have been using it since December 2014. Best gift I ever have gotten!! Below is just a SMALL sample…



and Aidan Chopras videos at YT too.


The top subsections on the SketchUp Sage resources page link to educational sites from all over the globe, some focusing on specific modeling needs…


Located north of Seattle, WA. I was hoping to locate a class (community college, authorized trainer?) to attend to LEARN sketchup. I am a good drafter (pencil/paper) but the usefulness of this tool is undeniable. I’m always in my shop working on customer work (to pay the bills don’t you know) so I find extended periods of trial, error, dead-ends ignorantly followed, the language barrier (old school drafting vs Sketchup) to be time wasting and confusing. I really think, and would commit to a class if I could find one. Sorry to be one of “those” (what’s the level below “newbie”, :sub-newb"?) Any thoughts?

Pardon my rambling. I could relocate this in another thread maybe if I have violated a community point of etiquette. I just wanted to further mention that what I mainly do (apart from designing components and pertinent equipment) is to walk into a customer’s building and immediately measure the space that is available to me and hand-sketch it out. I take this in conjunction with our planned specifications and make determinations as to what I can fit in, how it will have to be configured and arranged and most importantly, what limitations have to temper expectations. I would therefore begin with a “floor plan” of sorts and of course what and what shaped vertical space there is and create orthographic drawings. Where a “3D” image of this would be incredibly desirable but mostly out of the question and would have to be visualized only. It is labor-intensive, difficult to correct and all the attendant short-comings of hand drafting. Like I said, sorry to ramble but it is possible I need to lay this line of questioning out in a different thread and not commandeer this good person’s space.

I’m very surprised that there is so little Sketchup training classes available. I’m in a large metro area (Seattle) and there’s nothing happening here… I assumed there would be lots of user groups, and opportunity, but even the forum is not very active. The last post in this thread was 14 months ago. This is disappointing.