A local SketchUp Pro whizz/tutor for one-to-one lessons in NE London


I’m looking for someone with knowledge of SketchUp who would be willing to provide some one-to-one tutorials in NE London. These could be staggered as I learn and as required.

I am just starting out and I would like to get an understanding of Sketchup based on my specific type of work (retail layouts, window displays and a range of smaller more ‘furniture like’ items), but I’m reluctant to go to a generic course expected to cover everyone’s more specific needs.

Anyone know of anyone who may be free and interested to help out?


Anna Maria

Hello! Are you sure you need a tutor for learning SketchUp? It’s relatively easy to learn if you dedicate some time to it. Plus, if you get stuck somewhere, you can use this community and YouTube for help.

am not sure if Cambridge is nearby but you may want contact Nick Johnson for further information and conditions.

A little late to the game here, I hope you found what you needed. Here is a link to find expert trainers for local or online training: http://www.sketchup.com/learn/training