I need advise the cost of teaching Sketchup

Goodday everyone.
I am a Sketchup and Vray teacher. I have taught students for free and organised online classes but i have no idea on how the standard cost in dollars for tutoring a client privately and tutoring groups of people professionally in sketchup and vray.

I would appreciate every advise :pray: :relieved:

I have no idea about dollars but in the Netherlands, my company charges 500ā‚¬ per day for private training (we only offer private training).
There are cheaper ones out there but that might give you a ballpark. Just google for SketchUp training or vray training and see what other ppl are asking, that will help you too, probably.
Good luck setting up your business

Edit: also consider getting certified. That will get you some street cred since the vray certification tests are notoriously difficult. :innocent: ps you can look me up Iā€™m certified :sunglasses:

Thank you so much sir :pray: