Looking for someone to create video for $cash!

Hello All,

My name is Paul and I’m in Richmond Va. totravel81@yahoo.com

I’m interested in creating a video in Sketchup. The video would be of a new foundation system for a house. I’m looking to pay someone else to create the video. I’m a paying customer that needs a video made soon. I was pointed to this site from another SketchUp Designer that doesn’t have time to take on other work right now. I need to post said video on YouTube and a Website. The reason for the video is to provide customers visual aid of what they are buying.

Idea of the video below. I can provide actual photos of the real foundations that have been built for better understanding.

Uneven ground excavated flat for the area of the house, footing formed, footing poured, forms removed, 48" CMU block wall built on footing around perimeter of house (any house). Behind CMU wall a 2" foam board held in place with forms. Between the CMU wall and 2" foam board will be a 4" gap to be poured with 5000psi concrete (a three layer sandwich), forms behind foam board removed but foam board stays. Uneven ground backfilled with dirt from original excavation to crate a gentle slope away from house and use as few porch stairs as possible and avoid the use of hand rails for porches. End with excavated crawlspace (that looks like a half of basement underground) and water not penetrating the 5000psi poured concrete. Maybe have the crawlspace with plastic vapor barrier on ground and up walls for a conditioned insulated space and a few utilities like hvac unit and water heater in the space to show its usefulness.

Thanks for your time


I can help in this. We have Experts worked in the similar domain.

You can reach me on Skype: cis.am4 or Email: Hayden@cisinlabs.com so that we can discuss this further.