Looking for help with sketchup travel trailers remodel design

I’m interested in design my own travel trailer remodel. This program is overwhelming so I am lookin for a sketch up pro to walk me through process, not do it for me. I really want to master sketch up I’m just stuck trying to learn it on my own. I’m willing to do share screen session. Is there anyone that could help me?

Have you gone through the instructional material at learn.sketchup.com ?

I had no clue about this. thank you so much. I will check it out and if I’m still stuck Ill be back on here asking for help. lol

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There’s also the SketchUp YouTube channel.

Aaron did a live modeling of a trailer not long ago. Should be found on Youtube.

thank you for all your help


I would be happy to assist you.

Pm sent please check


I would so appreciate it. I’m having brain problems and having a hard time getting going. What do we need to do to get going?

Thanks for your response.

I request you to please send me some details which I have asked you on PM