How to use SketchUp Make 2015 after Pro Trial expires?


I downloaded the Sketchup Make (student Use) and started using the Sketchup Pro 2015 trial version that it automatically comes with. Now the Pro trial has expired and I would like to keep using Sketch up Make. The problem is that it keeps asking me for a Sketchup Pro 2015 license… Does this mean that Sletchup Make is no longer usable for free (for students)? Help!

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How to install sketchup make 2015

Hello @mariaoran, I am not an expert, and am a new user in this forum but I was going through a similar thing and discovered that Sketchup Make is still free for non-commercial use. Can you still use Sketchup Make even though it asks you for a Sketchup Pro License? When exactly does it start to ask you for the Sketchup Pro License? Perhaps you are trying to access something that is only in Sketchup Pro?

Does it say something like “not right now” or “no thanks” or “cancel” when it asks you for Sketchup Pro?

I would be interested to know what happens on your end and if any other users have run into this. Thank you,


SketchUp 2015 was released on 3rd Nov. So, you should be able to use it in Pro mode until 2nd Dec. How come your trial has expired on 6th Nov?


Did you change the system date whilst SketchUp 2015 was running ?

If so you may have triggered an anti-tampering feature in the new licensing system.


Same problem here.

Tried to contact support, but they replied they only give support to paying customers.

I’m on mac osx 10.9.5 had sketchup 2014 installed before. So that’s probably the reason why Pro-feautures are expired.
Removed already everything from previous and current installations (plist files, application support files, application files, …)

Re-downloaded the installer. No luck.
Any insight would be great.


hello – I will be teaching a course starting in about a month, and am worried about the transition from Make to Pro. I know in advance that we will not be purchasing the Pro version, and hope that the end of the trial period will not confuse my students. how worried should I be?



I had the same issue (just want to use Make version, it tells me my Pro license has expired). A few days ago I did temporarily change the system date so I must have triggered that anti-tampering thing. Is there a way I can “reset” it somehow?


It looks and acts the same, except that for the trial period, the students will be able to use the Solid Tools, Create Dynamic Components, and import & export from and to professional file formats like DWG/DXF, etc.

If they do not know about these features,… and do not learn to miss them, then there should be no issues.

They may see a “nag” screen at the end of the trial, asking them to buy a license or continue in “Make mode”. Just let them know when it is about time for the trial to run out.


I have the same problem also. I contacted Customer Support also. The thing is, when I downloaded Sketchup 2015, I made sure I had checked “Personal” use and it downloaded fine. It did NOT show a button saying “No Thanks” or “Cancel”, it’s just that I was using “Sketchup Pro” one day, and the next, it said my “trial had expired”. Now, I uninstalled it and re-installed it, and I don’t get the rollback to “Sketchup Make”, just the same page saying I have to buy a license for Sketchup Pro.



I’m french, so excuse my english…
I have exactly the same problem,

Once Sketchup “MAKE” installed and chosen the pro trial for 1 month,
At the end of the trial, the soft stays with sketchup pro version without the possibility to come back to a free “Make” version. (uninstal - re-install doesn’t work now 'cause it asks for a licence)
I noticed a bug with my clock during the 1 month period (it was mysteriously 1 month retarded without my intervention, i swear ! I’ve never been interested in the pro version !)
What can I do to just use normaly the Sketchup Make ?


What date did you install Make 2015 ?
It was released Nov 3rd, and should not end the trial until Dec 3rd.

How can a month have gone by when a month has not gone by ?



I’ve checked :
First I installed Sketchup Make 2014 the 18/10/2014 then, Sketchup Make 2015 on the 04/11/2014 …
The fact is my computer had its clock changed somehow during the 1 month period of free trial. I don’t know how !
I think it was just a bad coincidence, but it seems to have created the pb,
What can i do to reinstall Sketchup Make ? I’m I definitely condamned not to be able to install it ?

Thanks a lot


I moved 2 posts to an existing topic: SketchUp Make download page on SketchUp website is Pro version


Please download the latest version of SketchUp Make 2015, which we just released yesterday. This issue should now be fixed. Please let us know how it works for you.

How to get the SketchUp Make 2014 version

The “problem” seems to be with the normal download page on the website. Selecting “Sketchup Make 2015” actually downloads the" Sketchup Pro 2015 trial", which expires after 15 days.
The link posted by Wo3Dan allows you to download the Sketchup Make installer.


Sorry, this is incorrect. The download on the main page is the proper Make installer if you select “Personal Projects” for the question “I plan to use SketchUp for:”. It will start up with a 30 day trial of SketchUp Pro (not 15 days). After 30 days, it will ask you to agree to keep using SketchUp Make.


I downloaded Sketchup 2015 a month ago and now that the trial has expired, it is asking for a license and I do not get an option to use Sketchup Make. I have tried uninstalling it and downloading the latest version but I still get the same message. How can I use Sketchup Make?


@dean_google, that screen indicates that you have installed SketchUp Pro, not SketchUp Make. You can uninstall it and download the Make installer from You’ll have to indicate that you will use SketchUp for personal projects, which will get you the Make installer.


I have been selecting ‘personal projects’ each time I download but I got Sketchup Pro each time.

Looking into it a bit more, it would appear that you have a browser problem. If I download using Chrome, I always get Sketchup Pro irrespective of whether I select personal or professional. If I use Firefox then I get the correct version.


Hmm… I am not seeing that issue using Chrome right now. But I’ll ask around the office.