Sketchup Make 2015 license clash

Ran a demo of Sketchup Pro a few months ago which has now expired. Trying to install Sketchup Make 2015 but even after uninstalling all other Sketchup versions (including plist files from Application Support folder etc) each time I try and install/run Make 2015 it is still locating an expired demo licence for Pro and telling me that I need to buy a Pro licence. There is NO option offered to me to proceed with using Make 2015. I have deleted and reinstalled several times, erased all Sketchup files and folders that I can get my hands on. There is clearly a hidden Sketchup Pro licence file somewhere for the expired demo that is causing. I can confirm that I did not attempt to tamper with trial by changing machine clock dates or any other such mischief. I can see many other similar issues in this forum with no solution offered by Sketchup moderators. There has to be an answer for this. I am running MAC OS Yosemite. Please can you advise.

Yes, I’ve been seeing a few Make license issues being reported, mostly on Macs. We are trying to diagnose it. Can you send me this file via private message?

\Users\your_user_name\Library\Application Support\SketchUp 2015\liclog.txt


I am having the same issues and have tried the same things. Deleting everything as per the unusual instructions on the sketchup site but when ever I reinstall I get the expired pro notification with no ability to use “make”. I am also using Yosemite.

Having the same issue on Mac (OS X 10.9.5 (13F34)). Actually right after I installed the Make it worked for a few hours but when I tried running it in the evening I got Sketchup Pro 2014 licensing error (SketchUp Pro 2015 User, Expired"

the issue is across the board on hardware - I have tried to download Make onto Mac, Windows PC, Windows Laptop and even a Linux/Wine computer. I always end up with the PRO version and no options at any time to enable MAKE. Yes I have tried using the button that says DOWnLOAD MAKE but STILL get PRO.

Hello all, we just released a new version of SketchUp 2015 which we believe fixes these issues you have been experiencing in Make. Thanks a lot for your patience!

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just redownloaded from the site after seeing that you said that and it doesnt work im on windows 8.1 so happy i didnt update my main pc yet…

@Khaotic, I PM’ed you for more information

As stated earlier, every Make installation comes with a 30-day Pro trial. After that it will continue to run as Make. So if you want Make, please make sure to download SketchUp Make.


I also downloaded Make (yesterday, 1/11/2015), and it runs as the Pro trial for a while, then locks up completely and won’t even run as Make.

Exactly what settings (and where) tell Sketchup that it is allowed to run as Make?

Can you provide more details? Can you describe (or post a screenshot) of what you are seeing exactly?

i just tried to install sketchup make…then it says here that i have 30 days trial period? is this correct? this is the screenshot

yep, the Make version provides a 30 days trial of the Pro functionality, after the 30 days the version degenerates to the ‘real’ Make version disabling several functionality (CAD exchange interfaces, line styles, volume tools, parametric components, external 2D layout, BOM, commercial use etc.).

If you don’t want to wait for this, you can force the Make version by editing the license file: