Licensing Issue




I’ve been using SketchUp, both Make and Pro, for years and I’ve got several versions installed on my Mac.
Recently, whenever I try to open any version of SketchUp Make I get a licensing window on open and I can’t open the software as my license for Pro has expired.

I don’t see why this expiry should stop me from using the versions of SketchUp Make that I have installed!

I’ve tried redownloading and the new download versions has the same problem.

Anyone have any advice?


Delete the version of Pro that has expired leaving only the version of Make you want on your machine (typically Make 2017) and any other versions, that should solve any issues.

Although you can run multiple versions if it’s causing conflicting for some reason it’s the quickest and easiest route.


licences of commercial Pro licences do not expire, maintenance runtime can.

Keep in mind, that trials of the Pro do run the first 30 days as a trial and after that do cease to work whereas a true Make version runs the first 30 days as a trial of the Pro version and after that decreases to a Make version.

Uninstall resp. drop all Make versions and all Pro versions without product activation (see “SketchUp > License…”) to the bin, restart macOS and do install the latest Make version 2017 from here.


That’s great, thanks folks. I deleted the old versions (just to be sure) but I think the issue was PEBCATS - I needed to Remove License and look around for the correct options to proceed. Got SketchUp Make 2017 running OK now. Yey!