Introducing a plugin of a new version of SPGear

Good morning to all of you. I want to present the new version of SPGear,SPGearVersion_02.2. This version is much more complete.How do I download the plugin and where?
Thank you for informing me.SPGearVersion_02.2.rb (106.9 KB)

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Should this not be packaged as *.RBZ for the most recent SketchUp versions to load it?

Please don’t publish code which might belong to others - you already have a separate thread discussing this…
Introducing my plugin

Please do not accuse members of doing something illicit especially when they have not done so.

Ie, do a bit homework first. The original was released under an MIT style license viz:

Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software for
any purpose and without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above
copyright notice appear in all copies.

Phillipe has followed the license requirements dutifully reposting the license terms with all the original author’s comments (including that it was inspired by another coder’s old attempts at a gear plugin,) and also posted all the legal and revision text in French as well.

Mr. Grundman mentioned (7 years ago in NOV 2014) that he started work on a version 2 that was likely to be a complete rewrite. He never posted this, what he called his “mythical version”.

And he has not visited SketchUcation in just over a year. Prompts for an update in his ver 1.2 topic thread last July went unanswered. He doesn’t seem to be a member here that I can tell unless his forum nickname is nothing like his real name.

I think we can assume M.J.G. had abandoned the project sometime in the last 7 years.

No the other topic thread pertains to how a developer generally introduces and distributes an extension. We gave him information about getting an extension ready for the Extension Warehouse.

This is the first opportunity I’ve had to take a look at Phillipe’s edition as well as the original. Both have issues in that they are not proper SketchUp extensions. This edition just brings forward transgressions that the original had.

But I’ll speak to these points in the developer topic where such nitty details belong.