Some extensions I have had issues with

who have problems with plugins that need to be updated in Sketchup 2021
For example, the “Roof_v5.0” plugin does not work, who can contact the developer?

Thanks for the help!

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Eg: Click on a “More info” button on a link you provided and ask the dev…

…or you can “ping” TIG in this forum, by type “@” before his name.


TIG’s Roof works just fine in SketchUp 2021.

You’re trying to draw a hipped roof. Is the face you are selecting to start at z=0? If it is, that’s a known and long-standing limitation. The seed face needs to be above the ground plane and the front face needs to be oriented up… I just made this is SU2021.

See TIG’s remarks from January 2017 on this.

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I have replied to your PM at
[Why members can’t post questions/problems in a tool’s main thread is a mystery…]

The ‘error-message’ you get in v2021 is exactly as it would be in any earlier version…
Sometimes a face’s edge get muddled in the database and there are recommended steps to try and fix it.
Also it is pointed out that you can contrive a face that can never receive a single-pitch hipped roof - e.g. a crooked star

As @DaveR points out the face must also be flat and face up, and not at z=0 on the ground…

It you attached the problem face in a small SKP we might be able to advise you better…


thank you so much!!! :+1: :+1: :+1:

can anyone know why this one - Follow Me and Rotate v1.0 the plugin also does not work for the SketchUp 2021

This one hasn’t worked with any versions later than 2016. The reason it doesn’t work is because the author hasn’t updated it. You might as well forget this one.

For extensions at Sketchucation you should be asking there in the extension’s thread.

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ok Thank you!

Toolbar Editor doesn’t work either
does not display plugin icons and names

Maybe @Aerilius is working on an update.

How about making a single post with a list of the extensions you’ve found that don’t work? Or better, contact the author and let them know directly.

Investigate first, though. If they haven’t worked in previous versions, as is the case with Follow Me and Rotate, just forget them and move on. Apparently the authors aren’t maintaining them.

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Toolbar Editor in SketchUp version 2020 works. Thank you!!!