Getting pluggins into sketchup free

Hi ! I am trying to open the extension warehouse on my free skethup desktop version but it says I need to update. I have the 2017 version, but when I ask to update it says I have the latest version. Im not even sure if I can use plugins with the free sketchup. Anyone know if Im wasting my time trying to figure this out?

The Extension Warehouse hasn’t supported that old version for a long time. You can go to the Warehouse in your web browser and download extensions directly to your computer for installation.

Presumably you are a hobbyist? Pay attention to what SketchUp versions the extensions support.


Yes very much so giving this a first go. Thanks very much for the help! I will give that a try…

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Also get the SketchUcation Plugin Store extension, lots of cool stuff in there, and it runs directly in SketchUp 2017.