Can we get to support extensions?

Maybe through extension warehouse? My students are getting into MS Physics and it would be really neat for them to do that in the cloud.

It is going to be quite a challenge for us to support SketchUp’s Ruby extensions as they exist today in our new browser-based environment, but there is clearly a lot of interest in finding a solution to that problem. For now, we are not able to support existing Ruby extensions in my.SketchUp.


I depend heavily on various extensions. I think Sketchup Free was a very, very bad idea. It might have been better to make asurvaey before (obviously) investing so much time in a product doomed to be a kloodge.
Yes, I tried it already. Nice work but kind of a waste of time (mine and the developers). It’s good only for primitive models.

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You can continue to use SketchUp 2017 Make if you need extensions.