Roof Plugin - v2015 Compatibility


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I am also looking for a working version of Roof v2.1 or newer from Rick Wilson. Have you seen this work in Sketchup 2015?
[/quote] Please note that it’s here - - and it is my plugin, not Rick’s, and it’s currently at v3.7, and it is compatible with all recent SketchUp versions…


… and you need to sign up for a free account, in order to download from SketchUcation.


TIG, it is a great plugin and even though it is easy to follow I wonder if there is a Help file to read.
Thank you.


If you look at the ‘Feedback’ link on the PluginStore page, and go up one post… you’ll find a ZIP of Help files…
They are in different formats, any of these files can be put into the Plugins folder with the RB and they then open using the Roof > Help…submenu item…
This Plugin is a bit ‘old’, so automatic inclusion of these files is not included…
It really needs an update …


Thanks a lot TIG!!!