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Hi, first post and a new member today… I am starting to get frustrated trying to install this roof plugin that DynaSCAPE offers through the Sketch 3D package. It is a zip file of an .rb file and a .mht file (which I assume is a supporting file for this plugin?). This plugin has worked on prior/older versions of sketchup prior to the extension feature of the more recent versions of sketchup.

I’ve tried renaming the plugin to change file type from .rb to .rbz and install as an extension… Failed installation.
I’ve tried dropping it in the plugins folder under: [users(Name)>appdata>roaming>sketchup2018>Sketchup>Plugins] and I’ve tried renaming the files and dropping it in the folder. Nothing has worked. Please help!

Is it an older plugin that doesnt work anymore?

I’ve downloaded the 1001 bit tools and that seems to work for roofs, but still curious why this doesn’t work and if I’d done something wrong…

I would suggest you contact DynaSCAPE people directly for help on this. Since they aren’t giving you the files packed as an RBZ file, I would wonder if they’ve kept it up to date for newer versions of SketchUp.

That would fail because you can’t just change the extension to rbz and install the file. An rbz file is a zip file that has been renamed. The zip file needs to include the .rb file(s) and any other support files/folders. You could try renaming the zip file you downloaded to .rbz and then see if it will install correctly.

Was it this plugin in ruby library depot?

The MHT was a help file like html that opens in MS Word.

I don’t know whether the author is R Wilson or @TIG but there’s a much newer version of TIG’s extension available on Sketchucation here:

The only trace of a roof plugin on Dynascape’s site that I could see was a link to the above plugin on ruby library depot. Your original post was not helpful as it wasn’t even supplied by Dynascape, it was a link to another site.

I suspect it was link to a very old version of my ‘Roof’ plugin.
The current version is indeed here: SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation

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