RubyTMIX install problems

Firstly, please excuse my ignorance in this matter but I have only been using Sketchup for a matter of days!

My problem lies in trying to to get RubyTMIX to run in Sketchup. The Ruby website says to open the file location and to put two files into the ‘Plug Ins’ folder but that location doesn’t seem to exist any more.

I have found a couple of Ruby extensions under Windows>Extensions Warehouse.but have no idea if they refer to the same thing, the names are certainly difference.

The RubyTMIX program is used to export Sketchup models into Trainz (a simulator)

Any assistance that anyone can give me would be appreciated


The Plugin folder has moved since version 8, which the instructions refer to.

Simple way to install it.
Rename the .zip on the download to .rbz and install it using the Install extension Button in Window/Preferences.

Once installed it appears to work and doesn’t throw any errors, but without the trainz ap I can’t confirm it works.

According to the web page, this extension hasn’t been updated since January 2013, prior to the acquisition of SketchUp by Trimble (the page repeatedly refers to Google) and prior to the migration to Ruby 2.0 in SketchUp 2014. The authors only say it supports SketchUp 8. So, although as @Box says, it seems to still run, if you use it in a newer version of SketchUp be prepared for the possibility that it may encounter mysterious errors and the author may have moved on! Good luck!

Thank you for the reply and I understand the but about renaming the file but unfortunately the file doesn’t allow renaming.

Also, for it to work another file needs to be loaded at the same time, the actual RubyMTIX file, which has the trainzmeshimporterin it, and I would guess to be the most important part.

Any ideas?

Yes, that is my feeling - it looks like the plug has been pulled on this particular program doesn’t it?

Rename the original complete ZIP that you downloaded.
Change it from to RubyTMIX_1_2_0.rbz

Sorry that makes a lot more sense!!! Doh! OK, all done, many thanks for the assistance!


Well i cant rename files from .zip to . rbz while i using Win 8.1 :frowning: any Idears then??

Go to the folder in which you have the zip file.
Look at the menu at the top, click the one that says View.
Tick the box that says File name extensions.
This will show the .zip, rename the file to .rbz

Error in Sketchup Make 2016 and Win 10 and RubyTMIX. Will no mesh file. Am grateful for any advice