No plugin menu on Skp 2017

Hi, I have just installed SketchUp 2017 and there’s no Plugin menu on the top toolbar. I have installed some plugins (I can see them in the Extension Manager) but I can’t use them. Anyone else have this problem?

Extension menu in the top toolbar…

Plugins was re-named a couple of versions ago…


As John wrote, Plugins was changed to Extensions a few versions back. If you aren’t seeing the Extensions menu, though, it could be you’ve not installed any extensions that require that menu.

oh ho. all the documentation for dynascape (:frowning: says go to the Plugins menu.
I am used to LandFX…

so if its in the Extension Manager and it’s enabled, and I still can’t see
it under Extensions, how do I use it…

Maybe it is set to show in a different menu?

Or maybe it isn’t entirely compatible with SketchUp 2017. You should ask the author of the extension.

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Could you provide the source of “dynascape”? I’ve checked the extension warehouse and the Sketchucation plugin store and can’t find it either place.

There are a number of places where you might invoke installed extensions:
File menu: for extensions that enhance import/export
Window Menu
Tools Menu
Extensions Menu

Plus, some extensions are only valid in the appropriate context, hence only appear when you context click (right click on Windows) on a selected set of geometry.

it’s a Canadian version of AutoCAD for landscapers…

Well, AutoCAD isn’t SketchUp! Do they provide an extension specifically for inter-operation with SketchUp? If not, I can’t see how this relates to SketchUp.

I am just trying to use a SketchUp plugiin from Ruby Depot to make a roof. in SKP 2017

What plugin? Housebuilder?

OK, so dynascape really has nothing to do with any SketchUp extension, it just colored your expectation of where to find OTHER SketchUp extension controls.

Can you provide a link to the info page for the plugin you’re trying to use? Then we can take a look at any documentation that might exist and help you for this specific plugin.

Maybe it’s just too old to work with SKP 2017?

Very likely it needs updating. I believe it’s quite old.

As @DaveR believes, so it actually is! I checked your link, and it was last updated in September 2007 and says it’s compatible with SketchUp 6!

SketchUp has changed a lot since then, including significant changes in Ruby.

I think that expecting, even hoping, that it will work in SU 2017 is a forlorn hope.

Based on the description, perhaps @Medeek’s Truss Plugin/Extension can provide the functionality you need.

hm that’s probably overkill, I don’t need the trusses inside. am just looking to get the outside roof shell from the flat ceiling geometry… I can make it myself,was just hoping for an easier way

It may be overkill, but @Medeek’s newest enhancement - assigning elements to custom layers - should allow you to go ahead and build the roof including the sheathing. If you really don’t want the support structure, you can then display only the layers with stuff you don’t want, “Select All”, and delete. Leaving only the sheathing. This should come close - unless you only want the roof as a set of planes.

Ok. I will give it a try, thx!