Hello, i have recently downloaded sketchup 2016, before i had sketchup 8… And now, i can’t find where are extension and plugins, so i would use it, but i don’t know where is the tab ?

Thanks for helping.

Install fresh copies of the extensions/plugins. Do not install old copies from SU8. Once you install the first extension, you’ll see the Extensions menu which used to be called Plugins.

Install them from the Extension Warehouse (view menu) or install the Sketchucation Plugin Store extension and use it to install extensions from Sketchucation. In either case, they will install them automatically.

Thanks, i have installed all my plugins, then no problem, but when i want to use it i can’t find the button

What button? Did you look under View>Toolbars for the toolbar for the plugin? Did you make sure it is enabled in Preferences>Extensions?

I looked that, it’s installed.

This plugin is called Sk2geo it’s to Catt acoustic, but how use it ? before, right click and plugins, then i chose one, but now, how use plugins ?

I tried each toolbar, and there is no one for plugins or extension, otherwise warhouse extension.

Really Thank you for you response.

Where did you get this extension and how did you install it? If you aren’t finding it, I’d have to guess you didn’t install it or you didn’t install it correctly.

i took this extension on this website: euphonia catt acoustic, it’s official,then i did preference, extension, new, installed.

and i put some file.rbz in sketchup folder.

but maybe it’s not good because i have got this

message at the beginning

Clearly you didn’t install it correctly. The error message indicates the file that can’t be found.

yes thanks i will try again.


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Hi i am using sketchup pro 2018. I installed extension from extension warehouse but the extension did not see in the screen or toolbar but this extension exsits in extension manger.can you please guide me whats the problem?

First, what extension is it? Some have toolbars available, others only appear in menus…

Some do not appear until restarting Sketchup

Sounds like a bugged extension to me :confused: .

This is the web PAGE It is last listed as compatible with the 2017 version of SU.


If you want help you need to help us.
What is the extension ?
From where did you download it ?
You say it’s now showing in the Extension Manager…
Some Extensions need helper Libs installing - does yours ? Did you do that ?

Have you read the instructions on this mysterious tool’s usage ?
Some have Toolbars, some do not.
Some appear in menus other than the Extensions menu - e.g. Tools or Draw - depending on their main functions.
Some only appear as context-menu items if appropriate entities are preselected.

We might be able to help you a lot better if you gave us more details…