Extensions menu missing


Hi All,

I am using Sketchup Pro (2015) version on Mac (running Yosemite). For some reason all of the extensions/plugins I install don’t show up in Sketchup.
I’ve downloaded and installed Visualizer. If i go into application support/sketchup/ plugins it is installed their, but never shows up in Sketchup itself.
Anyone an idea what can be causing this? I’ve reinstalled both Sketchup and the plugin, but to no avail.




How are you installing the extensions and plugins? The path you mention is not correct, which leads me to believe you are installing them manually into the wrong place. The correct destination is

/Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/Plugins

(where yourusername needs to be changed to your actual user name, of course). Your personal Library folder is hidden by default in Finder, so if you haven’t unhidden it you will need to use Finder’s Go->Go to Folder to get there.

Also, whenever possible, you should install extensions using the Preferences->Extensions dialog, which will always put them in the right place. The Trimble Extension Warehouse and sketchUcation plugin store also knows where to put them automatically.


@steve & @ben_oosterkerk
A number of ‘renderers’ use the HD path so they can be shared b all users…

Are you getting Visulizer in ‘View’ >> ‘Tool Palettes’?

If you are…
I believe at least one plugin is needed in your /Users/Library/…/Plugins for the menu item ‘Extentions’ to show up…

If you load another plugin via ‘Window’ >> ‘Extension Warehouse’ that will make the [correct] User folder, then Visualizer should show…

If your not, then it’s a permissions issue…


But John, the given path isn’t correct even for system installation in /Library/Application Support/

However, as you note, the user has to be aware of which menu the extension/plugin adds its items to.


@slbaumgartner [correct @ this time…]

Visulizers is downloaded as an app, instals into ‘Applications’ and makes quite a lot of folders and files all over the place…
It creates and puts the app loader into
/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/Plugins/ImaginationVisualizer.rb and 2013/2014 as well if you have them…

It does have an ‘Extensions’ menu item in the default instal, but [possibly] only if the ‘Extensions’ menu pre-exists…
The ‘View’ item is it’s toolbar…


I have installed visualizer through the regular install, so not manually into a different folder.

It is not showing up under view > Tool Palettes either.
I’ve tried and load another plugin through the extensions warehouse, which makes a couple of other plugins show up once. But when I close Sketchup and open again, the plugins are gone and have to be reinstalled again.

I’m guessing it’s a permission issue. I am on a work laptop which has been installed with certain usage rights, which might be causing this?


For the Plugins being lost after a restart, you’ll need to check you have permission to manage your own plugins in your User/Lib…

If that get sorted you CAN move [copy/paste] Visulizer’s loader ruby into the User/Library/…/Plugins folder and it will run from there and avoid some of the possible permission issues…

Is SU itself installed locally?



SU itself is not installed locally, but directly on the HD.
I also don’t have a User/Lib folder.
Should I try and reinstall SU locally?


SU is fine in HD/Applications and you do have a User/Lib but it’s hidden by default…

in SU menu ‘Windows’ >> ‘Ruby Console’ copy/paste/return this code…
`UI.openURL(“file://” + (Sketchup.find_support_file(“Plugins”)))``
you can drag it to your ‘Finder’ sidebar for easy access…
if not there, replace ‘Plugins’ with ‘OldColors’ in that code, re-run and make a ‘Plugins’ folder at that location and move everything in the HD/…/…/‘Plugins’ path into it, then delete the HD one…

The real issue is the HD one shouldn’t really exist, but if not made first you can normally have both without any problems…

If it’s made first, it can block the creation of the ‘User/Lib’ one and lead to permission errors…