Extensions Tab

Hello everyone.
When I install SketchUp, the Extensions tab does not appear, it lets me install them but the tab with the list of downloaded extensions does not appear.
So I ask if possible help me.

hello, not every extension has a menu. some of them appear in the extensions menu, others at the bottom of the tools menu and others as toolbars.

in the window (ventana) menu, you’ll have the extension manager, check if the desired extensions are enabled. then go to view (ver) > toolbars and check the ones that you need active. they’ll appear as floating toolbars that you can arrange as you like.

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In addition to what Paul wrote, you’ll only get an Extensions menu when you’ve loaded at least one extension that is set up to show in that menu.

In addition to what Paul and Dave said, be aware that some extensions only show in a Context menu when you right click on an object to which the extension applies. They may not have their own toolbar/tool palette at all, nor appear in the other menus.

There is a Window/Extension Warehouse which you can click to open the Extension Warehouse in a window, from inside Sketchup, which shows ‘a list of downloadable extensions’, but that has never appeared in an Extensions menu.

Though I don’t think that is what you meant - I think you wonder why the extensions you HAVE downloaded and installed don’t appear under an Extensions menu, I think.

Well, you now have some reasons why they may not be intended to.

But perhaps some of them should?

What extension or extensions do you expect to see there? Others can tell you whether to expect them to appear under the Extensions menu, or only appear elsewhere.

And do they all appear in the Window/Extension Manager as installed and enabled? Can you post a screenshot of what you see in that window? For example, mine looks (in part) like this in SU 2021.

By no means all of these appear under the Extensions menu, although several do.

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Thank you very much for your help, I am learning to use the program that is why I am a bit lost. My best wishes :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, the extensions option did not appear because I had not closed the program, I suppose, but it appears the same as in the image you shared. Thank you very much and best wishes.