Extension not showing

When I am install extension on SketchUp not showing in the top bar
Please help

Which extension ? Have you read the “instructions of use”? Maybe there are a dependencies to install…
Not all extension have a toolbar, or maybe the toolbar not showing as default. Maybe its toolbar is “un-docked” and you can find in an other screen or a drawing area…
Maybe only have a menu or context menu (right mouse click)…

Do you mean the menu bar or the icon bar? If you mean icon bar, I am not sure you would ever expect to see anything in it unless you had added an icon yourself.

What I will say is the the way extensions deploy can be quite confusing. They might be under the Extensions menu or they might not. They might have dedicated icons or they might not. I guess such lack of consistency is something you have to accept with an open source system. But I am sure if the extension loaded properly, it will be lurking there somewhere. Have you checked your Extension Manager?

He posted a “meaningful”: *Me Too* on the other topic… I guess the problem was solved by restarting SU.

OK. Perhaps I should have added: they can require a restart of SU or not to my list of things that confuse the newbie!