Can't find extension in toolbar

Hey everyone i use sketch up pro 2015 and i have recently installed sketch up 2019 the trial version but in both the version 2015 and 2019 i can’t find the extensions item in the toolbar although i have installed number of plugins, can anyone help me please???

Some plugins aren’t added to the extension menu, but to other menus. If the extensions really should be in the extension menu, but it’s missing, restarting SketchUp might help.

Note that since 2015 the name of the menu item has changed from “Plugins” to “Extensions” though it is otherwise the same. Also, if you are installing extensions simply by copying from your 2015 folder to 2019 the extension files may be out of date and unable to load. You may have already done so, but if not, the expert advice is to always install extensions/plugins fresh from sources when you update to a new SketchUp version. Finally, as @eneroth3 noted, some extensions won’t be activated until the next time you start SketchUp.

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