Activating my extensions

Good morning,

a very simple issue…

i have just downloaded cleanup extensions (SU 2020 versions), it says its signed in the extensions manager, everything is enabled and ive restarted sketchup.

There is no extensions toolbar and i cant locate the particular extension anywhere… can someone point me in the right direction please? :slight_smile:


cleanup extension does not have a toolbar.
you can trigger it through the extension menu (between window and help)
it is important to read notes relative to extensions, about how to use them. Some will appear in the tools menu, others in extensions menu, some as toolbars…

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…and don’t forget
Which you have to install too!

Thanks all.

I had added the TTlib after writing the first message but hadnt applied changes and now its been added to my extensions bar

This drives me totally insane. I feel like sketchup should regulate how and where extensions are accessed. Having it all over the place is beyond frustrating and I often “lose” them as a result, spending more time than necessary kinda hunting around for them in various menus.