Extensions not accessible

I’m new to this, my apologies if this is obvious. I can’t get downloaded extensions to display. I have no way to access them. When I click on the extensions tab I get 3 options. Extensions warehouse, extensions manager, and developer. I’ve checked the manager and they are all enabled and they don’t need updates. What am I doing wrong?

Which extensions did you install? Different Extensions are accessed in different ways. Did you restart SketchUp after installing? Have you checked View>Tool Palettes for the toolbars ?

Specifically, I can’t find one called Cleanup3. I do see some of the other extensions I’ve installed in tools. I don’t see tool palettes in the toolbars. Yes, I did restart.

Did you also install the required TT_Lib2 files as required by CleanUp3?

Palettes is a Mac thing. On Windows it would just be Toolbars. There is no toolbar for CleanUp3 however. It is accessed through the Extensions menu.

When you installed SketchUp did you do it correctly? That requires right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator.

Yes, TT_Lib2 is installed. This is what I get when I click the extensions menu. No extensions shown.
Screenshot 2022-07-19 165746

As I asked, did you install SketchUp correctly? After doing so, did you quit and restart SketchUp?

I did not click run as admin. I just ran the installer. Didn’t think I had to since this isn’t a work thing. Maybe I’m wrong.

Should I uninstall and reinstall?

The correct way to install any complex application such as Sketchup on Windows is to right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator.

Probably not. quit SketchUp. Find the installer, right click on it, choose Run as administraor, and then choose the Repair option. After it quits do a cold reboot of your computer. Then check in Extensions for CleanUp3. If you don’t see it, open the Extension Warehouse UI in SketchUp, install TT_Lib2 again followed by CleanUp3. Quit and restart SketchUp to ensure they load.

I will try these steps. Thanks for your advice and patience. I know dealing with newbies is a chore.

Turns out I just had to go to the app menu and there was a “repair” button. Solved. Thanks again.