Accessing extensions?

I’m a novice at Sketchup, but with ambitions. I want to use several extensions to help build a rather complex architectural model.

I’ve followed the process of downloading the extensions I want, including Cleanup3, Solidinspector2, and S4U Mirror. The mirror and the Solidinspector2 extensions have appeared as small, moveable items on the display screen, but I can’t find Cleanup3. Is there a standard place where one accesses extensions? From the Extensions Manager? How? The S4U extension is the only one that appears under ‘Extensions’ in the top Sketchup application bar (to the right of the Apple symbol).

Thanks !!


No standard. But commonly you find menu items under the Extensions menu (named Plugins in older versions of SketchUp). If it’s not there the menus are often under the Tools menu.

But every extension differ - so check the description. Some come only with a toolbar, some only with a context menu.
My own extensions all got a section in the description where you find the UI items.

Check if the extensions are listed in the Extension Manager. (Make sure to restart SketchUp if you newly installed them.)
Also address any error you might see upon startup.

There is no single required place, and extension authors may tuck theirs into unexpected spots. The documentation for the extension should tell you, but not all authors document thoroughly.

Most will appear in either the Extensions or Tools menu, but that is not enforced. Some have only a toolbar, but won’t show it until you choose it on the view->toolbars menu (palettes on Mac). Some activate via a right-click context sensitive menu.

If you you have installed Cleanup3 successfully, it should also appear under the Extensions menu.

If it isn’t there, check Window/Extension Manager to see if it installed, and if it is Enabled.

Otherwise, try installing again, and restart SU.

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