Extensions in menu bar

I cannot find Extensions in my menu bar. How can I find it?

Have you installed and activated any extensions that would appear in the Extensions menu?

The Extensions menu only appears if there’s something to to show in it.

I just downloaded Tree Maker, can you explain how to add it to SU? It is an RBZ file.
I have extensions on my 2017 SU - can I migrate those?

Where did you get it from? Go to Window>Extension Manager and click on Install Extension. Then navigate to the downloaded file.

OK thanks - it is ‘unsigned’ though - is that OK. Also there are several extensions ( in my extension manager) that are not yet appearing in SU

Yeah. That’s OK unless you make the loading permissions too strict.

Thanks again, how do I get the other extensions in my extension manager (enabled) to appear in the menu?

Which extensions specifically? Not all extensions show in the Extensions menu. Some show in Tools or Draw or…

I see, thanks. They are in different locations

Look at the other menus. You can’t hurt anything doing that.

Yes. Depending on what sort of thing they do.


SketchUp sets no restrictions on which menu(s) an extension can put its item(s) into. It is left to the extension author to decide which menu seems most suitable for what the specific extension does. So, it is up to the user to read the extension’s documentation and/or poke around in the menus until you find an item. An extension can even add only a context-sensitive right-click item, which won’t appear until you select a suitable target, making it harder to find. Also, an extension can operate purely via a toolbar, with no menu item anywhere. Bottom line: read the ******* manual!


Manual? We don’t need no stinking manual! We just plow through with blinders firmly in place.