How to actually use an extension…

Hello - totally new, so sorry if this is silly, but… I downloaded an extension, installed it, all seems fine in the extension manager… but how do I actually USE it? I mean, how do I tell Sketchup “I want to use this particular extension?” It doesn’t appear in the menus and there seems to be no list of extensions where you just say “now I want to use THIS (click)”. The extension in question is xformclone, but it seems true of any extension, I tried others. Is there nothing equivalent to, say, Photoshop’s plug-in menu? Or is it hiding in plain view? Thanks!

There seems to exist instructions about how to use the plugin, and a couple of youtube videos. The commands for extensions can usually be found where the developer put them, or, if there is a toolbar, by activating it in the View>Toolbars window. In this case, it might be in the context menu when you right-click on a selection of objects.


I see you are on a Mac. So, a minor tweak to what @Anssi wrote: on Mac the “Toolbars” are called “Tool Palettes” in the View menu.

There is an Extensions menu (called Plugins in early versions of SketchUp). But there is nothing that forces an extension author to put an entry there or in any other specific menu - it is up to them to program where it goes. As Anssi wrote, the best way to find the answer is to read the author’s usage notes on the site where you downloaded the extension.

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Thanks. I’ll try that

And thanks to you too - I just wouldn’t have looked there. It still doesn’t show, but some others do! So I#ll go to the extension-maker’s site. Which I should have done, clearly.

Once you get use to using the extensions, they are great and save a bunch of time.