Can´t see or use some extensions

Hi there,
I recently install some extensions in my Sketchup 2017 but when I try to use them I didn’t find them anywhere.
For example, I Installed LSSMatrix and the extension administrator says its active but there is no toolbar or option to use it, any options?

Read the usage guidance for each Extension…
Each Extension has its own mode of operation.
Extensions can need activating, depend on how they are written…
When activated…
Some appear in the Extensions menu.
Some [also] have a Toolbar.
Some only appear in the context-menu if a suitable object is selected.
Several appear in other menus - depending on their functions and the author’s choice - so look in Draw and Tools, even File or Camera etc if’s related to that use etc…

Thanks, I saw where is the problem, the extension isn´t compatible with my version of sketchup

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