Plugins for SketchUp 8



Hi everybody :slightly_smiling:
Why does Sketchup 8 not accept .rbz files. I downloaded a plugin, and Sketchup 8 either can’t find it, or won’t accept it. Why don’t the creators make these plugins in the .zip format, and then save it to the Plugins folder ? I’m trying to find a rendering plugin for Sketchup 8.


An .rbz file is just an alternative extension type for a zip file containing SketchUp ruby extension code. This convention came into use after SketchUp 8. You can unzip it using your favorite zip program and then copy the files into the plugins folder. Be advised, however, that the version of Ruby used by SketchUp was updated in 2014 and many extension authors no longer support the previous Ruby. As a result, an extension you download now might fail to work (it also might work, you won’t know until you try - just be forewarned).


Actually, SketchUp 8, M2 and later will accept .RBZ files. But if you ignored the notifications to install the maintenance releases you won’t have the Install Extension option in Preferences>Extensions…



Thank you, THANK YOU,
I’ve spent5 hours trying to find a solution to the .rbz problem for SU8 (no Install button). Finally!!
I renamed the .rbz to .zip, Unzipped and moved the one file and one folder back up to the Plugins folder.